This my first post of  ” A day in my life “.
I document my monday ( July 25 ) for this first post. 
Good morning! I wake up around 8h00. I ate a all kinder pingui with 10cl of milk and my medication (50mg of Lamotrigine).
Later in the morning, I ate this two pieces of Prince Lu ( 188kcal ) with my puzzle working. After that, I taked my clothes around 11h00 in the morning & a taking 1mg of Alprazolam around 11h45 in the morning. Around 12h00 I leaved of my house driving even the gare station for go to my psychiatrist appointement ( I have do drive around 25 minutes even gare station ). 
Waiting the train and I started my ham sandwichs ( I ate the 3/4 ). In 4 steps, 1 steps at the gare station & 3 steps in the train ( I have around 1hoo of train ).
At 2h00 in the afternoon, I haved my psychiatrist appointement. This was a very special, I haved no appointement with my psychiatrist since 18 days. It was very hard with lots of events ( Nice terrorist attack and so much hard vacation ). 
The appointement it was very good and I feeled better after. When get out of the appointement, I ate a little soft vanilla ice cream.
With a view of the place with water jets.
After, I taked the train city even the gare station.

I taked the train at 3h21 in the afternoon for go back at home.
I back home around 5h00 in the afternoon. Around 5h30, I ate again two little pieces of Prince Lu ( 188 kcal ) with puzzle work.
Around 7h30 in the afternoon, I ate my dinner. A small pieces ( 29g ) of pain de mie ( 80 kcal ) with 10g of rilette of chicken ( 31 kcal ).
I gived some little pieces of rilette of chicken at my cat and she was love it.
Around 8h30 in the afternoon, I ate this multi fruits oasis popsicle ( 68 kcal ). 
After I worked my puzzle again and watching a NCIS episode.
 I go to bed around 11h00 in the afternoon.
This day, I have approximately ate 1000 kcal, 
I haved no couting all exactly with the ham sandwichs I was buying and not to do hand me.

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