Since I see a psychiatrist 7 year ( I start at 13 years old and 19 now ) I go at my appointements with my mom and sometimes my dad NEVER alone. Why ? Cause my panic attack, my fears, my phobie etc

I have 25 minutes of car, 1h00 of train and 10 minutes of train street for go to my psychiatrist and the return.

With my psychiatrist we talked since long time for I go alone but I couldn’t I felt not ready.

Beginning July I felt a little more ready but the return from my psychiatrist office at the gare fears myself, so my psychiatrist to had me of escort me until the gare, I had her that I want try as that maybe so we had fix one appointment the end of July but I’m not managed cause of Nice Terror Attack I canceled this appointment ( he was at more that the rest of appointment ).

Beginning September and after the trip at Nice I felt better for try so we had fix for October 10th. I DO IT.

Yesterday and FOR THE FIRST TIME I did the hour of train ( go and back ), 10 minutes of train street on the go alone my dad drives me until the gare and on the return of car my parents sought me. My psychiatrist had escort me until the gare on the return, one more note we walked until the gare not in train street I want so much walk and not take the train street.


On Sunday night I go to bed early around 9h00 where I want eat a toast at laughing cow so I ate one and watch a little a episode of my favorite Tv show.

I took a little of time for asleep me at 11h 30 I do not sleep again but It is daily I sleep never at this hour.


Next morning I’m wake me around 8h 30 AM I ate always my the same breakfast.

After I’m bored before prep me I’m go in my bad again a little and others little things.


Around 11H 00 AM, ready for dress up.


Around 11h 50 ready, I took 1 mg of Xana but it is often when I go at my psychiatrist appointements.


Around 12h 25 PM I ate a Bretzel for my lunch ( I know it not really a lunch ).


After I waited few minutes on the gare dock.


Around 12h 39 I was sit in the train.


A little problem the train is leave with 20 minutes ( great for the first time alone ) so I’m arrived with of delay at my psychiatrist office.

On the way I do not big somethings.


After to be in the train on the return, I watched little extras of a episode of PSYCH ( Season 3 Episode 1 ) on the way and watch outside while being great after that I had and that I do.



In the gare arrived.


After that my parents picked me we had come back at in car or I drunk a Caprice Sun I was dirty because I had not drunk since the water with Xanax before leave home.


For my lunch I ate 15 g Rillette Tuna with a Toast.


A extra a Nutella Waffles for dinner.


On night I drunk a very little glasses of milk…


And play at Tangram on my bed.


Around 10h 30 PM I really go to bed.

WHOO! Yesterday was a big day!!!

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