2017 in Review

Last year I did a year review, I wanted to do one this year again because I loved to do that and see the things in back. This year was not a easy year, particularly on my daily anxiety all year my anxiety was high at the daily life with some more particularly high months. It’s a little hard that she is nearly finished, this year was with two completely opposite sides with one my (hard) with daily anxiety and the other side with a lot of progress on my autonomy and fighting on my social anxiety.

This is a little review now of the year, I did too every months about food my goals and goals review.

In 2017, I celebrate my 1st year anniversary blog, I love so much to do this blog, it’s a so much big help in my mental health. A year where I founded that comfort zone is the best in the daily life.

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See below my last year review.


Here’s a recap of 2017…



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My favorite ever snow trip.


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In February, I did few one week challenge and it was cool like challenge.


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During march, I did my third annual French Riviera trip. I love these spring trips in French Riviera… from Cannes to Monaco. See trip in photos here.


I had my first presidential vote in my life.

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I took a lot of baths.


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I started to fight more my social anxiety by going the go alone at my psychiatrist visit.


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It was a amazing day, it was 13th June, for continued to fight my social anxiety. I did a skip day that to say a alone trip day with the go and back in the same day in airplane until Nice airport so 1 hour of fight the morning and the 1 hour back in the evening.


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July it was a amazing with a lot of discovered trip in Corsica, in this trip I took the first time a ferry, the result now I love such much big boat. This was a amazing summer trip.

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SECOND THING: the most sadness of July, on 14th July it was bastille day but also first anniversary of 14th July 2016 Nice terror attack.

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The third on 31th July, a of my favorite thing of the year, shooting the firework in Basel of Switzerland independence day.


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I closed the summer with a lot of hottub in my backyard, my best of summer.

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On 31th august, I did my second skip day, it was awesome, after this one I managed again more easily to fight my social anxiety.


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The most amazing, from 10th to 15th september my trip with my parents in Nice, it was the third years in the roll that we went on a trip at Nice to the end of summer, I have no word for tell how I love so much these trips.

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I baked for the first time in my life Rolls and here it was all Cinnamon Rolls.


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I see a awesome lot of pumpkin in my Halloween trip in EuroPa Park.


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I worked very hard because since the 6th november, I went completely alone at my psychiatrist visits, seven visits and seven visits where I went alone, it was my biggest thing OF THE YEAR.

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I touched all christmas spirit from decorations to movies.


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I continued in december my alone trip to my psychiatrist visits, all continued? because I went again more far by some walking alone in a big city face my anxiety. And this was my most AMAZING things of the year, my christmas walk after or before my psychiatrist visits. MY B.E.S.T.

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On 20th december, I turned 21, I loved this day, I did the first time ice skating and I love that.

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In december, EuroPa Park trip with all christmas decorations was wonderful time. See all christmas decorations in photos here.

That’s my 2017 review, incredible year.

I wish to all a happy new year, I will take a little break on the blog. See you on thursday 4th January.



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