Last tuesday I started to recap my last trip in French Riviera (Part One, Part Two, you can see) and this tuesday I wrap it with Part Three who includes the last day and the next day the return back home.

The last day was a day in MONACO and finish the day in Cannes.

Full of beautiful colors for my eyes for a day and a lots of photos.

Woke up around and breakfast.

After we are ready, we leave the appartement around 10H00AM and before take the road for Monaco, I wanted eat a Cream Ball but KFC open at 11H00AM lonely, a McDo beside but if I did not want really I choose to stop for a MCFlurry Natural with chocolate but he was horrible, the ice cream overflowed of the cup with the chocolate, I did not even have ate the half,  I wanted put a photo but finally I do not put her so much he was ugly. I was disappointed but I did not want stop my mood cause of that and the road for Monaco.


After we taked the tickets in afternoon, we go in museum, when I went inside, I say “That’s AWESOME”, night and light blue. Ouahhhhh

This blue stair.

After we had start to explore.

Lots of fish.

I know we see nothing on this photo.

I don’t know why but I look to the ground and I saw this arrow with a fish.


A blue light ceiling.

I saw a round window in the ground, I looked that under the groun.


Exploring the spaces and types.

After a time I decided to stop to take pictures because I wanted so much take some from everywhere and decided just look and stay the atmosphere in memory.

After we had leaves from Aquarium and go for a look at museum upstairs.


So much BIG!

The ground.

After around 1H50 inside, we had leaves and go search the car in parking for exit from Monaco.

On the way from back at apartment, we had stop at a mall for my mom. Hey, I love the bench colors mixed at the ground.

Return at apartment and dinner with soup.

We prepare the suitcase and I had ask at my parents for go look in Casino from Cannes.

Inside no photos was authorized but he was awesome, big, aquarium also with big fish.

Outside at the side of the road in the fence I saw this palm, I never saw before.

And the red carpet.

(Not me on the photo.)

Red light stair, the afternoon was blue light stair in Monaco and the night red light stair in Cannes.

This city impresses me, there are a lots, lots of peoples, peoples that work the night for building and place for exposition,… It’s so awesome for me all that.

Around 22H00PM we back at apartment for sleep with a lots of colors in my head and before a little tour in car around the Croissette and in city for looked.

Next morning, a woke up at 05H50AM for a flight at 09H00AM.

Breakfast, no yogurt this morning. (Psstttt: I don’t like this Pitch).

We took the road for airport, return the car and go in AIIRPOORT.

The terminal 2 of the Nice Airport it is so enlarging with lots of shops now before there were almost nothing, they are so much enlarged that we found with hardest the road for security control.

I saw this “AWESOME”. #IloveNice.

Waiting with sun which rises.

Reading for boarding.

After take off a big half turn above the sea and a beautiful view on the airport

In this return flight I did the very first experience with turbulences.

Back home at end of the morning.

When I travel I realise the lots of peoples at the differents posts in their jobs, there is so much and so much peoples which travel.

I go out from my bubble’s home, it’s stressful, very in some situations, anxious, filled of fears and hard but it’s Magnificence to discovered or rediscovered new things out from my city.

There you go, the recap of this little trip is wraped.

Part One.

Part Two.


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