Last week, I’m fix myself a challenge (here), watch 1 season of Modern Family between the monday night and sunday evening. Recap Have I succeeded?


I started monday night and I had finish on saturday afternoon.

Few things about that challenge:

It was cool.

I watched when I wanted not fix me hours.

I watched a Tv Show that I hadn’t watch since long time.

I want try others challenges now.

The most important this challenge help me for tried to think to others things during I watched the must times.

A little view of my favorites parts of episodes, I do not tell on order of episodes/favorites;

Few parts that I love it:

The part with Mitchell it splash bird.

The face of Phil when he learn that Luke had not lost his bike.

When Haley and Claire to argue.

Jay and Phil’s parts with airplane.

The parts about Gloria, Jay and Many about outfits for first day of school.

Claire and the remote control.

All parts with Hailey and the car.

Gloria & Cameron in “Starry night episode”.

When Claire come back at home near of his family after she has not found hem at the right level for the meet with his friend.

Phil emotion when he see his tablet.

When Phil has fear of that kill by his wife cause of the kiss cam and after in dinner with Claire when he know that it was for again a other thing she wanted kill him.

The car and villa eventual Mitchell boss.

Phil & Luke in “Starry Night” episode.

Cameron and Mitchell that they to do all for take care of Lily.

Many after saw the horror movie.

Claire when she get in the plane.

Luke on the airport on the ebook’s grandfather, when Jay say it’s not grave and the second after he open and the window fall in a thousand pieces.

The end when Gloria start to throw mud on Claire’s white shirt and after when everyone throw mud mutually.

fullsizerender-2Modern Family

That was a challenge: TV SHOW 1 season in 1 week.

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