WordPress Issues Done

IMG 1337 - Wordpress Issues Done

You know maybe that last week I changed my blog name, or maybe not if you follow me by wordpress reader?


Since that I changed my blog name on may 7, I had a lot of important issues with wordpress reader (and WordPress) during 10 days I tried to fix issues but I did not managed, I contacted wordpress two times, the first he did not help me and the second time finally has helped me… during 10 days, days and nights I tried to fix the issues but I did not managed and now today that’s work good again.

I feel so happy about that!


My posts does not appeared on wordpress reader.

I started really to be discouraged that the important issue continue and that I did not managed to fix it… in more on all social platforms my new blog name worked good but not on wordpress reader, I was really discouraged.

I’m really sorry for the issue.


Ok, so if you follow me by wordpress reader, you have probably not see my last posts and…



I invites you to see my last posts with the links that I put below:

Last week, I had took a little break on the blog after to have launched my new blog name because it was on a spa getaway, so I did not have a lot of posts since my issue.



Last week, I did a Big Life Update on all sides of my life (as I did in february) that you can found here.

My last week friday favorites, found it here.

On monday, I blogged the recap of my awesome little SPA Getaway of last week, you can found it here.

Tuesday, I did a Life Bucket List, you can found the post here.

Wednesday, I did my regular wednesdays talk and the post of this wednesday talk include some childhood memories (do not go see it if you are depressed), you can found the post here.

Yesterday, I did a life lately including some bad and good days also, you can found the post here.

AND today,… I did a little post about a Photo Book that I did on my first solo trip, you found the post here.


It’s Done!


I’m really sorry for these issues.


Have you already had some important wordpress reader issues? What are you did? How much time it took for fix the issues?

Let’s talk about your experiences in comments, for help each one because if you have already had some issues you know that it’s really not fun!

Thanks for reading, again APOLOGIZE.



  • Reply ashleyleia May 18, 2018 at 9:17 pm

    WordPress definitely has its hiccups. Luckily all the problems I’ve had have been minor and temporary.

    • Reply Mix Borderline and Anorexic May 18, 2018 at 10:12 pm

      Happy for you that the problems you have been minor because it’s really not fun!

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