capture d c3a9cran 2016 11 23 c3a0 18 31 50 - WHAT'S UP WITHOUT FOOD {03.29.2017}It’s time today.

Once by month I answer at these questions…

capture d c3a9cran 2016 11 23 c3a0 18 50 13 - WHAT'S UP WITHOUT FOOD {03.29.2017}

#1 What I’m working on?

A big big phobia/secret in my therapypsychiatrist, also retouch photos.

#2 What I’m listening?

All time Heartbeat of Kelly Clarkson.

#3 What I’m watching?

Not on a special Tv Show, NCIS L.A. is not anymore now on Tv, it’s Hawaii 5-0 since saturday, I can’t watching last saturday but I think watch the next. Sometimes I watching a episode of Monk, NCIS New Orleans mainly.

#4 What I’m reading?

Nothing at this time.

#5 I’m excited about?

Post my next parts of my trip recap. {Part One}


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