What’s Up – October 2018

At the end of each month, I do a little recap by answering at these few questions.

In October, I worked hard on my Fall Bucket List and my independence with my second solo trip. Here a random in my life about this October.



My solo trip in the beginning of October. It’s the best! I think to this trip every single day. I think to good things and bad things. But principally the good stuffs.

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My FAVORITE food currently are these yogurt tubs. Since that I started with my eating disorders, I deal a lot with yogurts. The texture, the taste. During a time (I think in summer), I managed to include in my meals and eat few yogurts but only these with a texture not too solid or fluid. But it was not long. I finally let and I did not eat yogurts anymore. Also because I find the normal yogurt cup, too big. It’s too much for my little stomach. I found some yogurts in tubs. It was just awesome! I  love them! I can eat yogurts again! Ok! It’s just like that but it’s already better. And the most important. I love them! It’s important. Right! I ate every day about two tubs.

Applesauces are my favorites. And my Apple Cinnamon Bread.

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I’m working principally on my school works. I worked a lot these past days on my big birthday’s project in December.

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My October Movies Review, if you missed yesterday find it here. I watched many many Halloween movies.

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If not, I’m obsessed with Psych these times. I watch Bull. And during few weeks, in France the beginning of season 9 of NCIS L.A. was aired on Saturday nights. But it’s over. And between my lot of movies in October and Psych. I did have the time to watch really some others.



Spooky music.



Well! Ok! Mental Health was a little better these last days, I had a little less of obsessional thoughts. I took the decision finally start to stop Sertraline that I took since 2 months on November 2sd, and see how I feel. A thing that I have the impression since that I started to take the Sertraline – it’s I feel more depressed. And if before my favorite question was Why Not? to do that or that. Now, it’s rather Why? do that. I feel less adventurous about life. It’s for this reason too that I want to see how I feel without Sertraline.

I don’t know if the Sertraline is the reason but since few weeks now, I do nightmares with a lot of details. I always did nightmares but generally with less of details.

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My second solo trip in Nice. And all what I have included in the previous sections. Riding and walking in the forest.

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Christmas movies! Christmas Decorations! Ho Ho Ho! Christmas magic!



I have in my mind some projects for my next solo trips in 2019. But at this time, it’s unclear! I have one or two destinations. But nothing more. I waited to finalize my birthday’s project for December. It is finalized since last week only. And after thinking to next year. And waiting to have the planning of my parents’ trips project also.


Happy Halloween! Thanks for reading!



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