What’s Up – January 2019

At the end of each month, I do a little recap by answering at few questions.

Here is the first of 2019, and this month most of the time was hard with a lot of anxiety and obsessional thoughts. I do not love january, I feel bad about with a lot of bad memories who come back more. I worked so much on these bad feelings but I did not really manage to fight them. On another side, I had my ski trip in Alpe d’Huez and that, it was good. I loved this time! Right!

IMG 4079 - What's Up - January 2019


Nothing special. Oh yeah! Bad memories.



This month, I watched a lot The Suite Life on Deck. I watched it several years ago when I was a teen and I wanted to watch it again, it makes me laugh so much this tv show. I love it and I’m currently obsessed with!

I had a hard time to stop watching Christmas movies in the mid-january, particularly The Santa Clause 2. I was obsessed with! Not because of Christmas but rather because of the snow in the movie. It’s winter!

I watched so much the amazing landscapes on the Alps when I was skiing on my trip.



The noise of the snow under my ski.



The good in this month is that I was ready to fight my anxiety on my ski trip. But january is not an easy month with my anxiety, it was hard. I had a lot of anxiety and obsessional thoughts also. I tried to keep strong face them! But it’s hard. Really! This month.

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Do not to be in January anymore. I don’t like the beginning of the year! And January is a big deal about. I had some good in this month with my ski trip but january stay a hard month side anxiety and memories.



I booked my big next solo trip in April. A day trip at Disneyland Paris in March. I’m currently working on the recaps of my ski trip on my blog and editing a video about too. In five days, I filmed about 6 hours of videos with my GoPro and turn it in a just few minutes video is hard. But I love do it!

We moving next month!!!


FAVORITES OF THE MONTH.january monthly favorites 1 - What's Up - January 2019


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