Wednesdays Talk: Wardrobe from Winter to Spring/Summer.

It’s Wednesdays Talk.


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In today Wednesdays Talk’s post I will talk about wardrobe transition from winter to spring/summer.


The weather in my city may be literally different from a day to the next day and particularly during spring.

During spring a day that’s can to be a not spring but winter weather day and the next day that’s can to be not really a spring but a summer day, it’s crazy! The weather can radically change too between the morning with a cold temperature of 10°C/50°F and the afternoon with a hot temperature of 27°C/80°F.


Today, it’s a hot weather this afternoon with 27°C/80°F.


It’s crazy for put the good clothes during these times!


These are my few ways for wardrobe transition from winter to spring/summer.


Hi! It’s me. I have always cold the most time.


A thing that I have always between my wardrobe from winter to spring/summer it’s some basic t-shirts without and with sleeves… like that in winter I can increase the number of layers for do not have cold and in spring/summer decrease with a simple layer of sleeves t-shirt or if I have hot a t-shirts without sleeves.


I searched shoes to put between sneakers and sandal if it’s not enough hot, I found these classic alpargata of TOMS, I took them in drizzle grey chambray, I loved them, these shoes are so comfort and perfect for a spring weather.


Sometimes during spring or same summer it can to be rain a lot during few days in the row, a rain coat is necessary for go out. I bought THE ICONIC RAINCOAT from Petit Bateau just before my solo trip in Nice where it was rainy during three days and I loved to wear it so much, I felt so comfortable inside, now I want that it’s rainy for that I can wear it.


For spring, I have a Zermatt vest of The North Face and a simple jacket The North Face that I love so much use.


A little cold wind or during a cold morning during spring, I love my leopard scarf.


These are my principal ways for a transition between winter and spring. After the transition between the two seasons can to be more or less difficult in function of your transition weather in your city/country. In my own city it’s difficult with the temperatures switching from 12°C/53°F to 27°C/80°F between the morning and afternoon or from one day to another.



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