Wednesdays Talk: Productivity Tips.

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It’s Wednesdays Talk.


The first and third wednesday of every month, I host a link up where I talk about things of in my life.




In today Wednesdays Talk’s post I will talk of my productivity tips that I use.


Write goals. Every month I write my goals for the month, I love chose to do my goals monthly because I can stay focused on the right way each month. Generally for write my goals, I sit and take about 15 minutes on the end of the month and write for the next or when I did not have the time or no idea on the beginning of the month. When I have a idea of my goals for the next months, I write it same if it’s not the time for that I write officially my goals. Some months it’s more hard and I have less of ideas or I need to fix myself less of goals in function of my mental situations but I love write me some goals and it’s the most productivity thing that I use for accomplish a lot of things and write some monthly goals was the best idea for take the recovery of anorexia. 

To Do lists. I love to do lists, it’s a thing the most productivity that I use also, I do some lists for everything, actually my lists that I have in my planner are some ideas for my next solo trips, ideas of places to visit on my summer vacation, summer things to buy, summer clothes that I need. I keep always my lists where I work, on my desk or in my planner… at every moment I’m ready to do some new lists and I love that.

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Planner. To have a planner is my best. I do not have a full planning but I use a planner and it’s a so much big help, I write my ideas, my blog posts planned,… My planner is the Erin Condren planner and I love it so much, it is perfect there is a lot of spaces for write. No worries because it’s empty in the photo above I took it before start to write in my planner.

Write everything. I write everything when I think to a idea for my blog, a thing that I must to do, write everything help me because sometimes I can forget some things and when it’s written I do not need to search in my head what I had to do. In my nighttable, on my desk,… I have always a notepad, post-it and a pen so I could write at anyway place in my home  same if I do not have my planner on side to me.

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Evernote. In the same idea that write everything, I use since a lot of months evernote and it’s my favorite iPhone app for take some notes. I use evernote when I want write a idea that I have on the moment, things that I must to do, errands lists,… I love it, I write also evernote for write the movies that I watch during the month ok I use this app particularly when I’m out of home, when I do not want hand write,… I have a note for my “posts ideas” once I have a idea of posts I write it in the note and like that when I have no idea for a post I can pick up a idea in my note. I love so much evernote.


These are my productivity things.

What are yours?


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