Wednesdays Talk: Feelings About Terror Attacks.

Wednesdays Talk 1 - Wednesdays Talk: Feelings About Terror Attacks.


It’s Wednesdays Talk.

The first and third wednesday of every month, I host a link up where I talk about things of in my life.

Post of July 11 is earlier than planned, it’s for today.




In today Wednesdays Talk’s post I will talk of… my feelings about terror attacks.

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In this world, it does not stop and it’s so sad. Sometimes I ask me if a day in this world there will be no more terror attacks. A day, in few months or in few years or same only in 10 or 30 years, will be no more terror attacks?, I ask me regularly this question and I hope really that a day no matter when but that the terror attacks could stop.


Around 2015, I felt really bad related to terror attacks, it was something that scared me really, I had all time anxieties when I was leaving my house and I was scared of going out of my house in cause of that, I asked me all time, if it was just at the moment where I was outside,…. all things like that.


Then came, the terror attack in Nice, France on the 14th July 2016… Nice was my favorite city before this terror attack, it always is! And this terror attack in my favorite city that’s helped me a lot. I was so devastated when it’s happened, really so devasted, I took a lot of time for recovery of that. In september 2016, I was on a trip in Nice with my parents, the first time after the terror attack, we went on the memorial,… and during the trip and the few days after this trip, I started to see the things differently. Here, I think differently after, I was so sad for Nice but it was weird also because so that I always had fear about that when I went the first time after the terror attack I was not scared. And from this moment I have chosen that we must not be stopping to live after an event like that on the contrary. For help, for help the victims, for help the world. I understood that we must not stop living mentally.


I was so sad for my favorite city, of course again more than another city and it’s always emotional when I go in Nice for that but I want go in Nice again, again, again. The terror attack isn’t any more a anxiety when I go outside same when I’m alone in the streets. Proof: I same did my first solo trip in Nice during Avril 2018, my next solo trip is planned in October 2018 in Nice again. I thinking Nice for 2019 already. I love this city. She is my favorite. #ILoveNice


Take care of you.


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