Wednesdays Talk: Childhood Memories.

Wednesdays Talk 1 - Wednesdays Talk: Childhood Memories.

It’s Wednesdays Talk.


The first and third wednesday of every month, I host a link up where I talk about things of in my life.




In today Wednesdays Talk’s post I will talk of my childhood memories.


Talking about my childhood memories is deeper I must go in my therapy (all this blog is therapeutic) but talking about childhood memories is a entry again more deeper in my therapy I don’t know again of if that’s to be a help or not of talking of my childhood memories today.

I haven’t of good memories of my childhood, oh yeah! It’s in cause of my bad childhood life and memories that today I have the mental disorders that I have…

It’s clear that for me!

me little - Wednesdays Talk: Childhood Memories.

Photos of me when I was 1 1/2 year old.


During all my childhood I had few good memories like even and I go try to pickup my good memories also, like that this post will to have a little of life inside.

I don’t know in what order put my memories, good before and bad after or vice versa, so I’m going to do like my psychiatrist told me when I don’t know how told, I will write like my memories are going up in my memory.

The school memories are bad… bullying!!!… my most sadness childhood memories is when I had seven years old and a of my professor, a morning I went entry inside the classroom and when every students was here and sit the professor has started to talk me and of my new haircut because when I was a kid my parents wanted that I have short hair.

The professor told me that it’s missing more than the clothes for that I’m a boy…everyone including the professor have laughed and after all my schooling was a hell.


A of my most hardest childhood memories… my birthday is the 20th december either four days before christmas and my parents benefit include my birthday gifts to my christmas gifts so I always had these gifts together and once time by year.

example: I received four gifts for my birthday and christmas together if I would be born in june I could receive eight gifts in the year. I was always very angry against my parents and always today it’s like if I never had of birthday of my childhood.


A of my bad memory when I was a child it’s that my mom keeped all my big sister’s clothes for me and I always had to wear my sister’s clothes I had rarely my own clothes, I would have liked just once time go to do shopping in a store and choose my clothes. NEVER! It was not in cause of money.


When I refused to eat a little something when I was a child, my parents locked me in the bathroom during the meal times. So hard, they did not care if I did not liked this food or this one, for them it was a tantrum. HARD.


My sister was the worst, she was always in competition with me, she pushed me, she blamed me all time (always today), she accuse me in its place… she never had a sister behavior, she never learned me something, she never kisses me, she never cuddle me, we have never been accomplices. NEVER. or just 30 minutes on about 10 years.


A of my favorite childhood memory is when I was about 10 and that one of my neighbor asked me if I wanted play with her and her little boys (about 2 years old and 5), I loved these kids and their mother, she was no nice.


A summer when I was about 8 years old, we have arrived in the camping and I wanted to go swim in pool but I did not know swim and my parents did not found my floats so they let me go without… I was in the pool, my dad comes with me in pool area and stay on a bench, I climbed on a slide in the deeper pool and of course after I went down the slide and arrived in the deeper pool I can’t swim and I was drowning myself and during 5 minutes at least I was struggling for come at the edge of the pool but I did not managed, my dad saw that I was drowning myself but he did not do anything, it’s finally a stranger who keep me safe until the edge of the pool.


I have never been in a amusement park NEVER when I was a child, I heard all time of others childrens at school or in the streets that they had here or here and me never. I was so sad.


A of my worst memory when I was a child… ALL THE TIME my parents promised me to go here or here or again to do that or that but never we went somewhere or did something. They are started to promise me that we will go at Paris when I was 6 years old but never they took me at Paris, it’s only when I was 16 years old and because I insisted for go that we went. Today, I do not support that some one make me one promise, I could not believe in him.


My sister but my parents too insulted me, they told me that I was sucks, insulted me, I was a shit, a idiot.


I loved the field trips on school days.


I would like remember what I did on 9/11 but I do not manage, I was only 4 1/2 years old and it makes me feel sad.

These are childhood memories. What are yours? Bad or Good?


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    C’est trop triste!

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