This & That: Summer Edition

I have a this and that summer edition.

A little random of this and that, I have a lot of summer things with the beautiful summer weather of these past weeks in my city… between my life lately, my new summer stuffs and my summer mind. That’s started to be all about summer over here.

A beautiful and good weather it’s perfect for go in the pool or in our outdoor spa.

IMG 9118 - This & That: Summer Edition

I love use my new donut float.

IMG 2970 - This & That: Summer Edition

Wear my TOMS flip flops since three years is my favorite in summer.

IMG 9077 - This & That: Summer Edition

I did a blog post about the sunscreens that I use this summer with my special sensitive skin, you can found post here. I love apply sunscreens on my skin and I finish always by put almost the sunscreen tube in my nose for smell it. It’s so good, it’s vacation smell!

IMG 3016 - This & That: Summer Edition

I love playing with giant outdoor mikado.

IMG 2939 - This & That: Summer Edition

This year, I chosen to bought me some rash guards tees because I have always cold in water with nothing on the top of my body, last year I couldn’t go in sea because I had always too cold so I try this solution for this summer, I already tested them and that’s work good I had less cold but it’s necessary like even that the water is not too cold.

IMG 3539 - This & That: Summer Edition

A of my favorite ice cream in summer are the Chocolate Kream Balls from KFC.

IMG 2857 2 e1528878626562 - This & That: Summer Edition

I recently placed a order at Erin Condren and I added this Travel Journal for planning a part of my next trips. He is so complete for planning flights, hotels, planning by day and write in your journey during the trip.

IMG 3545 - This & That: Summer Edition

I’m so excited to use Audible this summer, in may I launched me and I tested because I want regularly mostly in summer read book but I can’t, I can’t stay concentrate and read a book. So I tested Audible with the first free month and I decided to keep and buy my subscription for this summer.

My very first book on Audible was 13 Reasons Why, I love it so much and I recommend it greatly.

IMG 2847 - This & That: Summer Edition

It’s so good to wear tee and short on summer and hot days.

IMG 2836 1 - This & That: Summer Edition

It’s so differently to go at a psychiatrist visit in tee than with a coat. I don’t know why?

IMG 3289 - This & That: Summer Edition

Fresh food for summer. Chocolate cupcakes with a mint frosting.

IMG 3448 - This & That: Summer Edition

Since two years I wanted, this year I launched me I bought some travel packing cubes. I love organization in my life in general and I love keep organized my suitcase too so I try cubes now. I’m really so excited about.

IMG 3510 2 - This & That: Summer Edition

I just bought me my very first hat also for this summer and I LOVE IT.

IMG 3508 - This & That: Summer Edition

And I’m so excited to packing in just few weeks for my family summer vacation.


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