The real after Travel

IMG 0504 - The real after Travel

The feeling after a Travel is special to me, during a travel I can have some hardest Anxiety or Fears on a day, when I’m back at home, my almost only feeling are the good things during this travel or same the previously at a same place and I manage to forgotten the most bad things.

The post-travel I did not thinking just to the good things of the travel, I think a lots to peoples, peoples who work, peoples on streets, peoples…peoples, I think I realize a lots that there is a lots of peoples on this planet, I ask me how it is possible that, how it is possible that there is too much of peoples traveling. Where all these peoples come out? How it is possible that there is many of differents works in all these places… it’s clear this is a change of my home and room where I did almost nobody and where I can not see all that.


All these peoples/works in a simple place but there are some many others places!


The big place who makes me think is AIRPORT: yes! in airport there so many peoples to travel or all peoples who works in all differents works.

Sometimes I want to cry, I don’t know why but it’s really emotions for me, I don’t know if it’s borderline personality disorder who does this to me… I suppose, it’s also maybe cause it’s my child age I did not visit a lots of differents places could have show me all that… I don’t know!


… But I love travel, THAT’S CLEAR!!!

It’s so really emotional that, at each times I thinking about.


The most peoples did not like back home after a travel because of their home to take care… me this is because I know that I go think about that and it’s not always easy, I could increase Lamictal of double or triple the dosage for manage better this “after Travel side”.


Travel, travel you gives me a all of things and emotions.




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