SUMMER 2017 Recap

Hi! The end of Summer is here, I lived a lots of things, emotions, progress during all Summer, in beginning of June I did a Summer List, you can see here.


Okay, let’s see if I did.

The most of my list are done, sometimes a lots, sometimes just a little, all are done except “Public Pools” my anxiety taken over that, I did not watched a sleepless night TV Shows also… I watched them the night a little not entire sleepless and when I wanted and that was good.

Summer inclue also a hard Anxiolytic WithDrawal.


The other day, I took few minutes and a post it for write my few favorites of this summer.


Here is my top 10 favorites of Summer.


#1 Corsica Vacation

img 8759 - SUMMER 2017 Recap

Corsica Vacation was a so much good thing for my Adult autonomy progress this is why it is my number #1… a lots of early beach times alone… I was able to take more autonomy and I’m so happy for that… The Ferries during the trip push this Family Vacation in number #1.


#2 To be Alone at my psychiatrist visit

img 9736 - SUMMER 2017 Recap

OMG! I waited during a long time, it was so good this day, I hope more Alone Psychiatrist Visit in the next months until I go only alone without big anxiety, I need so much to do thing alone.


#3 Firework PhotoShoot

img 0517 e1501682457127 - SUMMER 2017 Recap

Last year I did it, this year I did it, he is so awesome… next year!



#4 Hotub Days

img 9118 - SUMMER 2017 Recap

HotTub Days were so much good, I love water contact, I love Spa, I love this year I could more times put my entire body in despite of my cold body.


#5 Ice Creams

img 4872 - SUMMER 2017 Recap

A lots sometimes two/three by day… Ice Creams were a very lots here this Summer and I loved eat them, I hadn’t  particularly fear of eat so much Calories with Ice Cream. GOOD!!!


#6 Stay late in backyard

img 0077 - SUMMER 2017 Recap

Night, seated on a seat… watch around me, sometimes feeling the big or little wind, sometimes in cold weather for me but it was a very good time stay late in backyard.


#7 Eat meals outside

img 9214 - SUMMER 2017 Recap

From Breakfast to Dinner, when I could eat with sun outside my meals, it was a big of my favorite, that represent a part of Summer, Eat Outside.


#8 Watching Tv Show in Night

img 9641 - SUMMER 2017 Recap

This was on my Summer List… and it is done… When I was not outside in the backyard my nights was watch my favorites TV Shows and this was of very good times.


#9 Summer Photographs

img 9224 - SUMMER 2017 Recap

This not possible of pass Summer without Special Summer Food Photography time… Ice Cream, Strawberry, Raspberry was for me, and a lots, of course, of others summer photography outside Food Photography.


#10 Drink Smoothies

img 9121 e1501442227537 - SUMMER 2017 Recap

Almost every days I drunk a smoothie, my favorite taste was Strawberry-Banana… and I tested a lots of others with Mangue, Strawberry-Blackberry, etc. Some that I tested I hated them but Strawberry-Banana, my BESTIE!


The Summer List was a good thing, in beginning of summer that permit me in focus what things I wanted to do and she helps me for keep in prior my little things who could makes me love little things life… I loved to do what I wanted and what I loved.


This wrap my Summer Recap!



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