Stay Healthy in Summer

stay healthy in summer - Stay Healthy in Summer

It’s a big deal for me to stay healthy in every time of the year. I decided to try to change a little that for this summer. I want try to stay more healthy. Before I did rarely sport generally I stayed in my room and I did not go out, I changed that this past winter in skiing, I skied almost every weekend from January to March and end of the March I did a ski trip in the French Alps where I skied four days in the row. Before that during few years after that my depression has started I stayed all time in my room and I did not to do sports so that when I was a little girl I was often out for move and play. When I did ski, I felt good to move/learn a new thing/ to do sport and when I saw that I felt good to move and to do sport so I decided that it was necessary that I found a sport or a activty for move during summer too.

I chosen to ride my bike, I just recently to do a post about ride bike here.

I started in may to ride my bike, I do it about 4 mornings by week during about 30-40 minutes (in function of my psychical fatigue), generally I do it in mornings but sometimes I chosen in afternoons in function of the temperature, I love to do bike when the temperature is enough hot without too much but enough hotter like even and with sun. Of course, it’s summer!

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This is one thing for try to stay more healthy this summer. When I could I would choose to walk also, almost in vacation, walk on the beach on early mornings or late nights, walk in vacation ambiance. This summer, I want to do also a lot of outside activities who need more or less of move.

I could swim and go in water when It’s enough hot.


This is my side for stay more active and healthy during summer. It’s already a lot for me all that because I do not the habit to do a sport or move like that… before I was all time in my room, lay down on my bed!

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Side food, I feel good and since I managed very successfully my goal in may to eat FRUITS!!! I want just literally eat a lot of fruits. Last year, I did not eat any fruits and vegetables, by fixing me some goals during all year, I manage to eat fruits now and I love that! My favorites fruits currently are strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, peach, banana. I do not eat any vegetables again… BUT I eat fruits and it’s already better since last year where I eaten any fruits too. Seriously, I do not fix me of goals about eat vegetable, I did not wanted, I would prefer concentrate me on fruits for this time may be vegetable for this fall.

I’m ready now for eat more fruits naturally, with sugar or again baking in cakes. That’s done.

That’s going help me to stay more healthy this summer. I love drink also smoothies. I will eat ice cream also for stay healthy psychologically #lol I love particularly soft ice cream, vanilla or cookie dough ice cream.

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I feel good with this summer for stay more healthy, more that last year… I feel good. I just want to move more and eat more healthy, in reality fruits to have a good taste. No?

What are your favorite things for stay healthy in summer?


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    Honestly strawberries dipped in cottage cheese is so refreshing especially during summer! 💕 please check out my blog at ! Follow/share Thank you!

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