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IMG 0979 - SPA Getaway


Today, I have my first psychiatrist visit since three weeks, I don’t know again how will it go, I’m anxious about.


Last week I was with my parents on a very little SPA getaway, it was a awesome little time.


It was my first SPA getaway of my life and I loved, little SPA getaways are to do again. We were not going far of our home… we chosen a hotel near of the airport the most near of our home at about 30 minutes of road… it was a Airport Club Hotel with a pool, spa, sauna, hammam,…

This getaway it was just for a little relax time away of home and my mom wanted a spa and I was agree because I love spa.

So, it was a SPA getaway that I loved the relation ship with my parents during this time was rather good.

IMG 0642 - SPA Getaway

On tuesday we left home around 03h00 pm and at 04h00 pm we did the hotel check-in and we are in the hotel room. Few photos of the hotel room.

IMG 0422 - SPA Getaway

IMG 0434 - SPA Getaway

IMG 0436 - SPA Getaway

I loved this wall in the shower.

IMG 0435 - SPA Getaway

We had a view of the 2nd floor with a window and some deck chairs.

IMG 0444 - SPA Getaway

It was time for eat a little cupcakes or same two.

IMG 0443 - SPA Getaway

We decided to take a BIG nap and before dinner I worked on blog after and I tried to fix the troubles with my new blog name.

IMG 0463 - SPA Getaway

Dinner view.

IMG 0475 - SPA Getaway

During dinner I haven’t a lot of anxiety, I felt good and ready to eat.

IMG 0481 - SPA Getaway

We ate at the restaurant of the hotel.

IMG 0487 - SPA Getaway

I drunk a orangina and I ate some Pesto Lasagna, it was good I loved them.

IMG 0499 - SPA Getaway

After dinner, we went see the airport take off and landed at the belvedere of the airport that was at 500m from the hotel.

Look this sky, the storm started, ok, I have fear of storms I asked at my parents to come back to the hotel when I saw the lights of the storm. When we let the belvedere I saw two rabbits run in the field, it was so cool of see that, I think that it was the first time of my life that I see rabbits run in a field.

IMG 0513 - SPA Getaway

On wednesday, we get ready, eat breakfast… the night before we have decided to go at the spa of the hotel in the morning and in the night of this day.

This was about 9h00 am when we went in the spa and we were stayed about 1 hour… because inside it was really hot and my mom and me we felt not good with this heat.

The hotel including a spa, hot tub, indoor pool, sauna, hammam,… I used the hot tub because I love that so much and the indoor pool.

I loved the design of the pool and inside the spa area of the hotel, it was a overflowing pool and I love so much overflowing pool. It was so cool!

Bonus: There was nobody in the spa area, I felt more comfortable.

IMG 0599 - SPA Getaway

IMG 0568 - SPA Getaway

At the bottom of the pool, inside the water they are put like some deck chairs and when we push a bottom there was some bubbles like in the hot tub but in the pool, it was my favorite part, I loved it, was so cool!

IMG 0625 - SPA Getaway

IMG 0586 - SPA Getaway

Hot tub a of my favorite thing in the life.

IMG 0594 - SPA Getaway

IMG 0631 - SPA Getaway

These beautiful things on the ceiling.

IMG 0607 - SPA Getaway

Lunch, we ate at a cafe of the casino near of the hotel, I had already ate here before and I loved, while I spent with my family new year eve here.

IMG 0663 - SPA Getaway

IMG 0649 - SPA Getaway

I ate a Hamburger with some french fries and I drunk a Lemonade, I loved, it was so good.

IMG 0650 - SPA Getaway

I chosen a Ice Cream with whipped cream for dessert, it was good but so much I didn’t not eat all.

IMG 0658 - SPA Getaway

In the afternoon we did few stores, take naps and I worked on my blog.

For the dinner we chosen to do a picnic at the belvedere of the airport.

It was cool, I saw airplanes take off and landed during my dinner.

IMG 0676 - SPA GetawayIMG 0678 - SPA Getaway

I ate a tuna sandwich.

IMG 0848 - SPA Getaway

The view of the dinner.

IMG 0792 - SPA Getaway

After we back to the hotel and around 08h00 pm we get ready for to go at the spa.

The pool with lights in the night, it was so beautiful, OMG, so beautiful… it was the first time that I swim in night with a lighting pool. SO loved!

IMG 0895 - SPA Getaway

A lot of beautiful colors.

IMG 0908 - SPA Getaway

IMG 0878 - SPA Getaway

IMG 0923 - SPA Getaway

We left the spa area around 9h00 pm, back in the hotel room, I take my shower,… and get ready for bed but before…

 I watched a little the tv with my parents, we watched a bloopers with animals, it was fun and a good time.

Next morning, we check out the hotel and we back to home before lunch.


It was a very little getaway. A SPA getaway… that I loved so much, it’s in a my bucket list in section regular trips.

IMG 0979 - SPA Getaway

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