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This recipe is very important for my recovery of ED. WHY? Cause before I ate this Sloppy Joe I could found tasty in meat before and always today except with Sloppy Joe at this moment.

A storie: I can’t really not eat meat before (always today in some forms) not cause calories but I not founded taste in meat and when I see her I want to vomit.

A started to eat Sloppy Joe last months.

Easy and fast recipe for about 2 persons.


200g minced meat

2 breads Hamburgers

15g tomato sauce

A little of liquid margarine


Put a little of liquid margarine in a stove (tip: I use always a little piece paper wipes for spread all uniform), Let warm a little the stove.

Once that the stove is warmed put minced meat inside the stove and let cook, stirring sometimes.

During the minced meat cook, take breads hamburgers and cut for separate the bottom and top. I use only the bottom for eat cause my stomach’s space do not permit use the top also but if you are very hungry you can use also.

In a another side put the tomato sauce in a cup sufficiently large for add minced meat after. Put the cup with the plate of breads hamburgers in microwave for 20s.

Exit the plate with the cup of tomato sauce and breads hamburger of microwave.

Take the stove with the minced meat and add at the cup with tomato sauce. Mix until all is mixed.

Place the breads hamburgers on plates for eat and add the contents of the cup with minced meat and tomato sauce on the top of breads hamburgers and it’s ready.

You can serve at table.

Sloppy Joe is special recipe for give me my first time a tasty at meat since lots of months.


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