Sled Dogs

On friday 29th december, I climbed in the mountain after 1h of drive for to do sled dogs with my family.


IMG 9228 - Sled Dogs
The snow was magnificent, the trip with the dogs also. We headed the mountain on the morning, we started the trip with the dogs at 12h00pm. A view in photos of the trip with the dogs.
IMG 9229 e1514730168396 - Sled Dogs

A big layer of snow everywhere… this was awesome!!!

IMG 9238 e1514730389831 - Sled Dogs
IMG 9242 e1514730343465 - Sled Dogs
IMG 9243 - Sled Dogs
IMG 9248 - Sled Dogs
IMG 9250 - Sled Dogs

I love so much trees with snow above.

IMG 9247 - Sled Dogs
IMG 9273 e1514730201747 - Sled Dogs
IMG 9276 e1514730236536 - Sled Dogs
IMG 9286 e1514730312633 - Sled Dogs

The trip was during 45 minutes, it was just a awesome thing for round off 2017.

See you tomorrow.



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