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Hi! I will show you my favorites minimalist books, they can help you if you want become with minimalist or if you want deepen your minimalist lifestyle or if you are a keep all things in your home person. I encourage you to test and read these books, they are of a good help for me… and I’m sure that they can help other persons.


Goodbye, Things by Fumio Sasaki

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This book is extremely good, it’s clear do not think that the decoration can be like all pics in the book, your decoration you see after, the MUST important is a big help for gives you the step for become a minimalist person. You can buy here.


10 minutes Declutter by S.J Scott and Barrie Davenport

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You have not hours by day for declutter your home and you don’t know how to do, this book is for you, organized by categories he helps you and gives you tips for declutter each day in 10 minutes just a special part of your house. You can buy here.


Minimalist Budget: Strategies on how save more, spend less by Zoe McKey 

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He is awesome for learn to save your budget, it’s perfect when you are a spender person or maybe he can makes understand you some things when you are a compulsive buyer. This awesome book. You can buy here.


This was few books who can help you, if you want become a minimalist person or deepen your minimalist.


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