September Food in Review

September coming to go at the end… it’s time for my September Food in Review.

This was a special month because I was on a trip and a good. WHY? because. because I managed a BIG VICTORY. I did not managed all completely goals… but I managed to eat Yogurts. AWAZING!!!

See my September Goals here.


Recap of what I managed or no.


1- I continued to eat Avocado,

2- Eat fish I managed to continue to eat some salmon but no under other forms.

3- Yes! I ate my favorites meals like usually.

4- I started to eat Fall Food, principally with Cinnamon Rolls and drunk Hot Chocolate and Tea.

5- THIS IS BIG, I managed to found tasty yogurt that I loved to eat. I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E.

6- This is the goal which I managed the least, chicken was not here.


During this month, I continued to eat a lots of same things like in august with fried eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, nutella crepes, pasta, strawberry-banana smoothies or Actimel for breakfast… I started to eat or tried to test few new little like Ravioli, brioche, Chili Con Carne, cheesecakes, lasagna bolognaise, risotto, pana cotta, peach, Cinnamon Rolls, hot chocolate,… and BIGGEST VICTORY found taste in some yogurts.


Let’s see in Photos now.

This is my VICTORY of september.

This one yogurt, this is the best, it’s Lemon taste and the texture is perfect currently for me.

I ate three Chili Con Carne in my Nice trip and I loved so much, taste was good, rice with red beans. GOOD.

Before my trip I wanted a little eat cheesecake, I told myself if I found some in Nice I could eat it. I did it, this was a love.

I ate these ravioli during the trip, I do not know anymore what taste it is but I know a thing I loved so much since I want eat ravioli if only I could found the taste, it could be good.

This risotto for a dinner during the trip, I choose it because there was nothing else but I did not wanted after eat him eat again one.

I ate a lot of Chocolate Fondant during the trip in Nice, I wanted and I loved too.  Anorexia out.

I drunk always a couple of bottles of Natural Actimel for breakfast like in august.

I ate few Ice Cream and Chocolate Cream Ball for finish the season.

A day I tested pasta carbonara on the trip seriously I liked but I did not eat the smoked bacon because I cannot, I feel wanted to vomit when I see that.

I ate this filet of Cabillaud a day on the trip and I was divided, I want eat fish again but not under this form.

My first psychiatrist visit after the trip on the mondaywas chosen also for finish the day, because the weather was according, I drunk my first hot chocolate from starbucks.

Bought at airport this big paquet of Lindt chocolate I love it, if I ate in only few days a lot of these one I choose to reduce and I did not finish the paquet.

The monday bellow, I drunk my first hot chocolate from Starbucks after my psychiatrist visit, the monday follow, I drunk before my psychiatrist visit because this monday I was alone and I had the time before cause I took the train before the habitual train.

Fall food has started to be here in september, with a lot of Cinnamon Rolls, this was the first time that I baked Cinnamon Rolls and that I eat one, I founded I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E.

Regularly I drunk always strawberry-banana smoothies.

This was a of my favorite dinner these last time, a fried egg, a slice (toasted) of whole wheat bread, few square pieces of smoked salmon it is delicious mix of taste.

A day I baked these chocolate muffins, just a good taste of chocolate, not too big not too small, PERFECT little snack or for breakfast.

… Because on the trip I loved the ravioli which I ate, back home I tested some ravioli and these in cheese inside was good, I add a little ketchup for add a taste which I want.

I tested to eat peach, ok, two sides, a this was good, the other my stomach found that a little much acid and he did not like acid thing.

A other favorite dinner these times it is a slice of toasted whole wheat bread with avocado and a fried egg some times all that it’s so much for my stomach size but some times I can eat all.


This last wrap my September Food in Review… a month who was much good.


That’s September Food In Review


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