Q & A

I receive often some questions by email or messages or again by my Instagram account, today I will answer, I reunited all the questions that you asked me and I decided to do a Q & A post. I will answer to the most asked questions.


What is your favorite movie?

It’s a hard question, this year I launched me to watch more movies because before I never really watched movies (you can see all about movies here). If I must grab just one movie I think it’s Home Alone.

Why do you love minimalism?

That improves my mental health and life. I planned to talk in a full and big post about that nearly.

How do you deal with self-harm?

Currently and since a few years, I do not deal really with self-harm but sometimes that’s can happen a little. I try to change my mind by clean the rooms. When I want really to do it and my arms hurt me where I want to do it I apply band-aid at the place. That’s work!

What is your favorite self-care?

My blanket. Minimalism And tv shows.

What is your favorite tv show?

Choice just one is hard. I have a lot of favorites and that’s change at each season but my biggest is Law and Order: Svu. And my biggest in this end of summer season is PSYCH.

What help you in your mental health?

Minimalism, challenge my own challenges.

How do you deal with depression lows?

It’s depending of why I have a depression low but watching tv shows is a good help.

Do you love to travel? And how do you deal with your anxiety on travel?

I love traveling despite of my anxiety, in the next years, I would like to travel a lot and discovering new country, cultures, learn new things on this world. Deal with anxiety on travel is something of hard, I have found the solution to take some travel essentials who help me to fight my anxiety. I did a post about here.

Do you love spend money when you are in bad moods with your mental health?

No! I did all the contrary, I’m minimalist and even if it’s a little hard to do not spend money when I feel not good with my moods. It’s my challenge and I love this challenge. When I’m bad, spend money is the last thing that I do except if it’s something on my list to buy and I wanted this thing since a lot of months.

How do you stay organized?

To do lists and my Erin Condren planner! When you are minimalist it’s easier to stay organized too because you have less things. So, less to organize.

What is your favorite season?

I have no specially favorite season, maybe all with Christmas season but if not I love winter with snow for skiing and summer for the sun. Contrariwise, the season that I hate the more is fall and it’s coming but this year I decided to change that and to do all for loving fall too.

Dvd, Netflix, Prime Video?

The three. I have some Dvds but I watch a lot (more) on Prime Video and Netflix. As a minimalist, dvds take spaces, streaming online, no!

What is your favorite thing in life?

Challenge me, take new adventures.

How are you when you are depressed?

Tired, principally tired, I can sleep all day.

Why do you love blogging?

That’s helps me in my mental health.

Do you have pets?

Yes! I have a cat… Leo. A girl, I talked about in some posts here and some beautiful photos here.

How do you take your beautiful photos?

Already, thank you so much!!! I took them principally with my iPhone and I try to put the more possible natural lights inside and I edit them rapidly with Snapseed but I talked about that not long ago in a post here.

What is your favorite book?

Book that I listened (with Audible) Thirteen Reasons Why. Book that I read Cracked, not Broken from Kevin Hines.

Do you search for inspiration and how?

Yes, I love search inspirations for new things/ideas, I spent a lot to do that in my days. Pinterest is my absolute favorite, you can find inspirations on everything from organization to Christmas. If you want to see my account and boards, click on the link here.

Since how much time do you see your psychiatrist? How many times do you see your psychiatrist by week?

June 2009. During a time I saw a second psychologist but she was pregnant and after I did not see it anymore.

Once by week. Sometimes, I do not see her every week, like during vacation, it’s currently the act. I can do not see her during 3 weeks in the row.

You are minimalist, how do you love to buy online or in shops?

ONLINE, ONLINE, ONLINE, yes! Buy online, that’s let more the control and the time to thinking, if yes or no, I need of this thing. I mark it and set aside, if I do not see better elsewhere. Sometimes, I can set aside more that one month for thinking if I need it. In stores, you can’t to do that And online you can find deals or promos codes. Another thing from France I buy a lot in the USA because I find the thing more as I want so it’s not a choice on this side to buy online.