This is a little post with my favorite episodes of PSYCH TV Show.

I love this series cause it’s fun the duo of Shawn and Gus.

Actually, I watch a episode during that I eat my lunch box and sometimes outside this time, at this moment I watch again some episodes that they have a link with Halloween time.

Season 1

( This season I have not seen all episodes )

Episode 5: 9 Lives

Episode 14: Poker? I Barely Know Her

Episode 15: Scary Sherry: Bianca’s Toast

Season 2

Episode 3: Psy vs. Psy ( I like it but at some time he annoys me ).

Episode 10: Gus’s Dad May Have Killed An Old Guy!

Episode 16: Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead

Season 3

Episode 1: Ghosts

Episode 9: Christmas Joy!

Episode 10: Six Feet Under the Sea

Season 4

Episode 8: Let’s Get Hairy

Episode 13: Death is on the Air

Episode 15: The Head, The Tail, The Whole Damn Episode

Season 5

Episode 3: Not Even Close… Encounters

Episode 14: The Polarizing Express

Season 6

Season 7

Episode 11: Office Space

Season 8

Episode 3: Remake A. K. A. Cloudy… With a Chance of Improvement

This was a lap of my PSYCH favorite episode.

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