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My planner is my favorite thing in my life.


Last year, I had spotted and this year I bought it… The Erin Condren Planner.

I have already talk in a post of my obsession with Erin Condren stuffs HERE but today it’s post only about this lovely PLANNER.

I do everything with my Planner. I use it for planning everything in my life,… planning my blog posts.

My planner helps me all time to stay organized!

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The Erin Condren Planner is so encouraging in every day life when you open the planner and you see some quotes like that.

IMG 1500 - Planner

This planner includes a lot of calendars, notes spaces,…

IMG 1501 - Planner

IMG 1503 - Planner

IMG 1504 1 - Planner

I love use stickers, I use them for everything and also each week I put another special quotes sticker in my weekly pages.

IMG 1516 1 - Planner

A lot of different colors for each months and I love that.

IMG 1506 - Planner

Beautiful and helpful particularly when you have mental health, some different quotes each months.

IMG 1509 - Planner

There is a lot of spaces for write notes in every month sections and at the end of the planner, few entire pages for write notes.

IMG 1510 - Planner

IMG 1511 - Planner

IMG 1508 - Planner

Same few pages for coloring if you don’t know what to do and you have your planner with you.

IMG 1507 - Planner

The planner include also few stickers pages and I love that. It’s so cool.

This planner cost about $50 but it’s worth it in more it’s a particularly good planner when you have depression, mental health with some beautiful quotes they are really helpful.



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