PHOTOS 101: From JPEG to RAW

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Few months ago I started this monthly post: PHOTOS 101. A post where I talk of a subject special, see above what I will talk what month.

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Subject Today is…From JPEG to RAW.




Ok, there is few months when I planned subjects that I wanted talk, I have the idea to pass from JPEG format to RAW and talking about but I still have not managed to pass in format RAW.


Because, maybe, I found it’s a little hard, I readed a lots of posts on some blog about to pass from JPEG to RAW, but I don’t know,… it is necessary to say too that my DSLR I use very a bit, when I do food photographs or special photoshoot but I do not use to daily, of the blow, when I take it for photograph my subject in the moment I do not all think that I wanted to pass in format RAW.


For this time, I decided to rest in format JPEG and when like all in my life I would feel that I want and I’m really decide to pass to format RAW and that I have the objectif whole heartedly, I would pass it but exactly now with my manner to use my DSLR, I decided to not search to change.


That’s Photos 101: From JPEG to RAW.





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