Non Stop Thoughts Until… Therapist Meet

img 0337 - Non Stop Thoughts Until... Therapist Meet

I think so much how I would like happens with a Therapist meet before the meeting.


What I would like happens during meeting! What I would like say! What I would like my therapist react to that or that!


I think A LOTS, a lots how I would like happens the meeting but at the final it’s rarely how I will have imagine and sometimes I’m not satisfied. I tell me stop thinking of that or that cause you know that it’s not happens like that but I can’t stop thinking.


In real, I think so much before any medical meets.

How I would like the doctor talk to me, react to that or that! I can suppose and told to myself that it’s because of my Anxiety but something it’s also How I would like doctors play their job with me, I can suppose that it is cause of Borderline Personality Disorder.


It’s like this, I would like happens that or that but at end I feel so empty that it’s not happening like I would have liked and it’s hard.


Sometimes I can managed my thoughts but it’s rarely or it’s may be just more intense thinking with more Anxiety. I think (again) that if the Borderline Personality Disorder is the reason of my non stop thoughts that my Anxiety is a interaction with these “Before meet Thoughts” cause my OCD increase then of these specials Thinking Activities.


My imagination thoughts are not stoping before meet.


If it’s really cause of Borderline Personality Disorder that I think a lots like I do, I hate really this side of Borderline.



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