Nice 2017

Hi! On last week I was on a trip with my mom and dad in Nice, France, I blog the recap of this trip today.

The trip was 6 days, we have take off with a flight on sunday, 10th in the afternoon and the back was friday, 15th in the afternoon, I will do this 6 days trip recap in only one post cause I have others posts planned, 6 days trip in one post, if you want all read and see, I advise you to have 5-10 minutes in front of you for read this post. I have 5 billions of pictures.

During this trip you have follow me maybe on Instagram, I have often posted photos or stories.


Anorexia was not here during this trip. No Calories Problem.

Bpd a little more.

No anxiolytics, it was stressful.

A sweet weather. Weather was between 25°C to 30°C.

Hard times in my mom relationship.

A lots of water jets.


This is already the third year in the row that we go in a Nice trip, at the end august or begin september, you can see my last year trip here. The Nice Terror Attack did not have us stop we continue to go.

After this trip my feelings are like in this post: The real after Travel.


You did not see my special posts about how I manage my Anorexia during a Travel or my OCD on Travel, we can read, Anorexia on Travel post and OCD on Travel post, you can found the links to the end of the post if you prefer.


The flight departure was to 03h50 pm, 1h30 before in Airport, this is a stressful place and again more without anxiolytics but I love airports environment.

IMG 1281 - Nice 2017

Waiting flight, stressful but place which I love, the two opposite emotions together are weird, I confirm but it’s like that I feel it.

IMG 1286 - Nice 2017

It’s almost time for boarding, I take photos in meanwhile.

IMG 1287 - Nice 2017

We board in the flight on time but in cause of a air traffic we stay on the ground about 30minutes in plane before take off to 04h30pm instead of 03h50pm.

IMG 1292 530x398 - Nice 2017

During the half of the hour of flight we had some big turbulences cause some storm clouds, and here with no anxiolytics my anxiety was high.

IMG 1294 530x397 - Nice 2017

We had take off with about 30minutes of delay but we arrived only 10 minutes of delay.

IMG 1301 530x397 - Nice 2017

Hello Nice! This time with my mom and dad while only few days earlier I was alone for my skip day for across my adult autonomy.

IMG 1307 530x398 - Nice 2017

After check in the rental car and the hotel room, it’s 07h00pm and I throw me on the hotel bed, a big tired of my anxiety and with a fear of my future anxiety on this trip. We rest during the trip at Hotel Aston LaScala situated around Promenade Du Paillon.

IMG 1309 - Nice 2017

I love the hotel rooms doors design.

IMG 1310 - Nice 2017

30 minutes later, we took the way in walk for dinner.

IMG 1311 530x398 - Nice 2017

Passing by a of my favorite place in Nice, a beautiful and awesome park with water jets.

IMG 1312 530x398 - Nice 2017

… With a beautiful sunset in the same time.

IMG 1313 530x398 - Nice 2017

Walk toward dinner, in my favorite city in France and in one of my favorites places in this city.

Dinner was a Sub 15 Tuna and a sprite.

IMG 1315 530x397 - Nice 2017

Outside of dinner with a Nice city lights.

IMG 1316 530x397 - Nice 2017

IMG 1331 530x397 - Nice 2017

This is a best awesome thing that I see, after 14th Nice terror attack during the nights they have put blue, white, red the water jets, before that they had all white, AWESOME COLORS!

IMG 1347 530x398 - Nice 2017

We took a hotel room for 3 persons with my mom and dad, I separate my place and theirs with a sliding door, there was 2 Tv, I took fun for see if the two was synchronized to the second,… they was.

IMG 1352 e1505584778834 - Nice 2017

Bedtime to 10h00pm.

Next day was day 2, first wake up to 7h30am and with a first breakfast to the hotel.

In this day 2, it’s 11th september and my first thinking are for new york and usa and all peoples of new york & nice terror attacks, it’s like that I asked before left home at my mom to go visit the nice memorial of terror attack on 11th september.

IMG 1372 e1505584867923 - Nice 2017

A slice of bread with strawberry jam and a glass of milk was here for first breakfast.

IMG 1373 - Nice 2017

Prep time.

IMG 1374 530x398 - Nice 2017

A pleasant time to morning look of window room.

IMG 1375 - Nice 2017

Walk… towards the Promenade Des Anglais, a good, sweet and emotional time.

IMG 1376 2 - Nice 2017

Promenade Des Anglais l Nice

IMG 1379 - Nice 2017

On the ground, of a side where there was a terror attack.

IMG 1381 - Nice 2017

After drunk this tasty little raspberry evian bottle, we come back to the hotel.

IMG 1385 - Nice 2017

Less of 1 hour after we took the way in walk of restaurant for lunch.

IMG 1386 530x397 - Nice 2017

Passed by this awesome park place, we walked often around this park on this trip for go to the restaurant, he is a of my favorite, it’s cool to pass of a favorite place just before meals, you can thinking to that during eat rather that calories, it’s awesome!

IMG 1387 530x397 - Nice 2017

A other side of the park.

IMG 1390 530x398 - Nice 2017

For lunch was happy because we went at a restaurant that I wanted since a long time. I choose Chili Corn Carne, a meal that I wanted since a long time…

IMG 1393 e1505561760728 - Nice 2017

… and cheesecake for dessert, it was yummy!

IMG 1394 e1505561786185 - Nice 2017

We took the way after lunch of back to hotel by Place Massena.

IMG 1395 e1505561794837 - Nice 2017

A place which I love for these colors between all.

IMG 1396 e1505561919780 - Nice 2017

Promenade Du Paillon.

IMG 1405 e1505561948647 - Nice 2017

Around 02h00pm we left the hotel for go to see………

IMG 1406 - Nice 2017

…… the place where is placed the memorial of Nice terror attack.

IMG 1410 530x398 - Nice 2017

Sincerely, it was happy to be here but I’m also a little disappointed, I found the size of memorial it’s little and do not represent the biggest terror attack.

IMG 1416 - Nice 2017

I love the heart with all names and signed by 14 juillet 2016.

IMG 1417 530x398 - Nice 2017

Just took this photo cause on the left there is flags and inside there was the usa flag.

IMG 1447 530x398 - Nice 2017

Later after the memorial, we went at a sand beach, after back to the hotel, around 07h30pm we left the hotel for dinner.

IMG 1448 - Nice 2017

For dinner I ate these awesome raviolis, I don’t know anymore to what taste they was but I know that I love it and I tested new taste with this, I did not eat all and I love it. Dessert I ate a Pana Cotta to strawberry, good but I did not all eat cause this was a big portion.

IMG 1450 - Nice 2017

Next to this awesome place after dinner, I had so cold that we were back to the hotel.

IMG 1451 - Nice 2017

At the hotel I put 3 layers of clothes to warm me up, so much I had cold and tired about 09h30pm I went  to bed.

Day 3, full with Marineland morning; killer whales, dolphins, sharks, fishs.

IMG 1463 - Nice 2017

Wake up to 07h30am.

IMG 1464 - Nice 2017

Next this second for morning I ate more for breakfast, I choose brioche praline two slices and a glass of milk.

IMG 1467 - Nice 2017

After get dressed, we took the road for Marineland about 10h00 and I ate this piece of chocolate during, I can say she was good.

IMG 1468 - Nice 2017

After A hour of road we arrived at Marineland. First destination in the park we walked until killer whales cause it was 11h00am and the show was to 11h30, after waited, the show started and for photograph it I choose to use my DSLR this time.

IMG 1470 - Nice 2017

Inside this 400kg.

IMG 1474 - Nice 2017

We explore a little the park.

IMG 1486 e1505636342403 - Nice 2017

In sharks tunnel.

IMG 1490 - Nice 2017

Just above my head.

IMG 1493 - Nice 2017

I love it, it’s cool!

IMG 1497 - Nice 2017

A lots of little fishs too.

IMG 1499 - Nice 2017

After sharks tunnel it’s lunch time, a cheese sandwich and a tuna sandwich with a red fruits oasis for drink.

IMG 1513 - Nice 2017


IMG 1516 - Nice 2017


IMG 1520 - Nice 2017

To 02h00pm it was dolphins show, I love so much dolphin, I use too my DSLR for photograph.

IMG 1524 - Nice 2017

It’s about 03h00pm and we took the way of back to hotel, but before a stop to a big mall and at KFC for a chocolate cream ball.

IMG 1527 - Nice 2017

We went dinner to restaurant to 07h00pm, I choose a risotto but I ate just the rice in the plate, I did not wanted really eat that but there was nothing else to eat in this restaurant like that, but my mom wanted to go at this restaurant, so, I took that.

IMG 1530 - Nice 2017

A chocolate fondant for dessert, that was better.

IMG 1531 - Nice 2017

After we took the way for walk a little in Nice.

IMG 1533 - Nice 2017

Water jets.

IMG 1537 e1505646704526 - Nice 2017

Old city in night.

IMG 1539 330x248 - Nice 2017

IMG 1540 - Nice 2017

Promenade Des Anglais in Night.

IMG 1541 - Nice 2017

From a side to a other, I found really emotional cross the Promenade Des Anglais in the night cause the attack terror was in the night.

IMG 1545 - Nice 2017

Blurring photo but it’s in my heart. N.I.C.E.

IMG 1568 - Nice 2017

Walking back to the hotel. I love.

IMG 1569 - Nice 2017

I watched a little Hawai 5-0 season one on tv before I went to bed about 22h30pm.

Day 4, a big day for my autonomy cause in afternoon during my parents are rest to hotel, I went alone in a walk around Nice and I went ALONE on the Promenade Des Anglais. B.I.G.

IMG 1585 - Nice 2017

Breakfast between 08h00 and 8h30, on the photo there is two slices of brioche praline but once time that I ate these two, I went to search again a other cause I love them and a glass of milk too.

IMG 1595 530x398 - Nice 2017

A sub 30 Tuna for lunch but seriously I did not eat all because it was so much I ate 3/4 of the sub.

IMG 1596 - Nice 2017

Sand beach in Cannes.

IMG 1601 - Nice 2017

Sand, Beach, flip flops life.

IMG 1602 - Nice 2017

In the heart of Cannes.

IMG 1604 - Nice 2017

Eating a vanilla ice cream in afternoon.

IMG 1611 - Nice 2017

We were back in Nice around 04h30pm and passed by the promenade I took this photos with three of my favorites, I can’t love more that this three flags together, France, European, USA.

IMG 1622 - Nice 2017

About 05h00pm when my parents rest in the hotel room and me I decided to do a little escape alone in NICE.

IMG 1624 - Nice 2017

Passed by my favorites places.

IMG 1625 530x398 - Nice 2017
IMG 1627 - Nice 2017

Until the Promenade Des Anglais where I decided to stop for again a ice cream this day, vanilla.

IMG 1629 - Nice 2017

IMG 1630 - Nice 2017

IMG 1631 - Nice 2017

IMG 1633 e1505647075858 - Nice 2017


IMG 1634 - Nice 2017

IMG 1635 e1505647129914 530x397 - Nice 2017

Back to the hotel.

IMG 1636 e1505647155881 - Nice 2017

… With water jets and sun.

IMG 1642 530x398 - Nice 2017

IMG 1653 530x398 - Nice 2017

Water jets and dinner time.

IMG 1654 530x398 - Nice 2017

A chili con carne.

IMG 1658 530x398 - Nice 2017

A chessecake at the meal.

IMG 1661 530x398 - Nice 2017

Crossing blue, white, red.

IMG 1667 530x398 - Nice 2017

Back to the hotel with mom (my dad has fear of heights) we decided to climb until last level for see the view on the water jets.

IMG 1674 530x398 - Nice 2017

And on the city view.

Day 5 inclue awsome green park in the city, crazy sea and a hastag I love Nice.

Breakfast inclue two slices of brioche praline and a glass of milk.

IMG 1696 - Nice 2017

We went ready for go to Parc Phoenix after breakfast.

IMG 1699 530x398 - Nice 2017

A park in Nice, with a lots of green, animals and nature.

IMG 1701 530x398 - Nice 2017

Awesome water jets.

IMG 1702 530x398 - Nice 2017

IMG 1705 530x397 - Nice 2017

This is a awesome side of a morning walk.
IMG 1707 530x398 - Nice 2017

Like a Pyramid.

IMG 1709 530x398 - Nice 2017

A lots of animals in the park.

IMG 1716 530x398 - Nice 2017

I loved see kangaroo.

IMG 1720 e1505807933309 - Nice 2017

I saw Parrots too.

After we were finish to visit what we wanted in the park we took the way for lunch.

IMG 1730 - Nice 2017

I ate the half of this pasta carbonara plate, I did not eat the smoked bacon because I can’t eat that for this time, in real I can’t eat smoked bacon since my child age.

IMG 1733 - Nice 2017

Follow by a walk around the port with A CRAZY wind and I loved look the crazy sea.

IMG 1775 530x398 - Nice 2017

This awesome hashtag I Love Nice, airplane who preparation to landing and a sea in the background.

IMG 1776 - Nice 2017

This is a sign.
IMG 1777 - Nice 2017

Between City and Beach.

IMG 1806 530x398 - Nice 2017

After back to the hotel we were outside for dinner. I ate more of the half of this fish and I ate all Rice, sincerely this was good, it’s a long time that I did not eat fish like this one.

IMG 1807 - Nice 2017

I could look the airplanes prepartion landings during dinner.

IMG 1811 530x398 - Nice 2017

I ate a Chocolate Fondant for dessert I did not really eat the ice cream or the sauce chocolate because this was not good.

IMG 1813 530x398 - Nice 2017

And passed just this last evening in the Nice city lights.

IMG 1820 530x398 - Nice 2017

A last view of these blue, white, red water jets and we passed a time on the Promenade Des Anglais.

IMG 1821 530x398 - Nice 2017

Before back to the hotel.

IMG 1823 530x398 - Nice 2017

Bed to 10h30pm.

Day 6 with back to home and nutella crepes for breakfast.

IMG 1838 e1505752824812 - Nice 2017

For this last breakfast to the hotel, I choose to eat nutella crepes I ate this one in the plate and I took a second and I ate a little more that the half.

IMG 1845 e1505752874403 - Nice 2017

Preparation morning time for go to the Airport for the flight back to home… with the flight go in my head this flight it was before left the hotel “Ready or Not for Airport”.

IMG 1849 - Nice 2017

About 10h00am, we left the hotel for Airport.

IMG 1850 - Nice 2017

Last passing by Promenade Des Anglais.

IMG 1851 530x398 - Nice 2017

11h00am, airport.

IMG 1856 530x398 - Nice 2017

OMG! The airport control security was crazy full.

IMG 1858 - Nice 2017

For lunch before boarding I ate a little of this Tuna Sandwich and the entire of this bottle Strawberry-Banana smoothie.

IMG 1863 - Nice 2017

The flight departure was a little more after 01h00pm and with just a little turbulences during the flight.


This is the recap of this annual Nice trip, I hope that next year I could to do one like this in the same period just maybe more towards begin september.


If you want more informations about how I manage my Anorexia during a Travel or my OCD also, I did two posts about, I invite you to read them if you want.


Anorexia on Travel.

OCD on Travel.

The real after Travel.





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    and congratulations for your impressive manage of food during trip.

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