New House Update

Few months ago, I shared the new about our new house. We currently renovating the old house of my grandmother, you can read the story and why it’s a big deal for my mental health here.

I wanted to share a little update because the moving is currently in process and we could go to live in the new house in the next weeks. We have finished the big works in the bedrooms, started the kitchen and the rest of the renovations we could do it when we will live in the house. Well! I feel good and I’m excited to live in my new bedroom. The wall is painted, the window too, the carpet is placed. I feel so excited. I wanted to share some photos before starting the renovations of my bedroom and where it is now. If I took a look back a few years back, this house was really a place where I was afraid and where I didn’t feel good. Now with the renovations, I feel cozy and I can’t wait to go live there. But! I have again a few fears about some parts of the house.

 The photo below is of the original bedroom after we took off all the old furniture. The pink color gives me all the crazy and discomfort mind.

IMG 3803 - New House UpdateIMG 4414 - New House Update

I have chosen a blue powder for the walls of my bedroom and I asked to my parents if I can to have a carpet on the floor. It’s not frequent in France the carpet on the floors even in the bedroom but I wanted something to be cozy. And it’s so cozy!

IMG 6368 - New House UpdateIMG 3593 - New House Update

Right there! We could go live in the house in the next weeks. I’m excited about my bedroom. I already started to think for the little decor details. This moving could be a very big change.




  • Reply Liz January 18, 2019 at 9:59 am

    That colour you have chosen is so lovely. The room looks so much better. Fresher and open.

    • Reply Peanut Recovery January 18, 2019 at 10:24 am

      Thank you! I love this color, it makes me feel better.

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