My favorites Spring Things

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Happy first day of spring!


It’s first day of spring but in my city in France it’s not really spring weather, this weekend it was snowing, the first time of really snowing of the season it was for the last weekend of winter, about 30 cm fell between saturday and sunday. I spent the last day of winter with a winter weather but I’m not going to spent the first day of spring with a spring weather, thankfully in a sense because if the weather can go from snow and -2°C/28°F to 20°C/68°F it’s that the planet is in some really bad conditions. Since yesterday the snow has melted it remains a little on the houses’s roofs or on the sidewalks but it’s very sunny but also there is a cold wind, so in my city it’s cold outside for this first day of spring. I hope that the spring could comes fastly in the two next weeks, last week I had some sunshines with a spring feeling days, I was to spent and work a little outside on my patio.


Same if the weather is not here, this is a spring post for the first day of spring! And it’s my favorites things during spring.

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Spring is my favorite season since I’m a child, see why.


 1. Colorful colors. I do not love the colorful colors, my favorites colors are white, powder blue, beige, light grey or pastel colors, not the colorful colors but when the spring season is coming I love add a little of different colors that my colors of usually.

2. Flowers fields. I love flowers fields particularly with different colors inside, I’m not a big fan of flowers but after the winter I love look on the flowers fields who are coming.

3. Wear one layer of clothes. This is my biggest favorite of spring, wear sleeves but going outside with just one layer, I love spring weather for wear again some sleeves but going outside with not a big coat or put three layers of clothes. That’s my biggest.

4. Walking. I love walking at very seasons of the year (a little least in summer when it’s very hot) but in spring it’s my favorite time for walking.

5. Stay in front of sun. I love the sun except when he hits hard like in summer so in spring I love sit/work/relax in my background during the days, the sun hits not so much, it’s not a too hot weather, I love to be in the front of spring sun.

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6. Walking on the beach. When I’m on a trip in a city with beaches during spring, I love walking on the beach like I love walking on the sand beaches during the mornings and evenings of summer.

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These are my favorites things during the spring season. What are your favorites things in spring?

See you tomorrow.



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