My MacBook Air I had in May 2015 and I love it.

img 0471 0 - MACBOOK

I love the design, I love the fast time that it for lights up, I love the simplicity for her performances and I love so much others things about my MacBook.

I work on my formation with him.

img 1008 - MACBOOK

I edit my photographs and videos.

img 2532 - MACBOOK

I watch on streaming.

img 25261 - MACBOOK

I use for buy on internet.

My favorite apps are photos, imovie, quicktime, safari, color strokes, snapheal, mail, pages, numbers, iBooks author or I create a book with all my favorites recipes that I cooked and photographs that I took, I use so much for my formation Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, seagate dashboard for my external hard drive and itunes.

Since September I use a new organization for my photographs, I created a folder  “PHOTOS” and after inside I class by months/years and by photos sessions with inside the folder of the photo session with original photos and in folder “Retouch” or I put photographs retouched inside as that I have original and retouched in same place.

I found damage that dvd reader is not inside but it’s normal for to have also light Mac.

I confess I’m in love with my MacBook.

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