Lyon, France 2018

I’m remembering 9/11, I have a little of my mind for all victims of this horrible terror attack, the day where I could go in New York, the 9/11 memorial is on the first things to see on my bucket list, it’s looks so beautiful, I have equally my mind for Nice because last year on this day, I was on Nice Terror Attack memorial. Stay strong!


I’m back of a four few days trip in Lyon, France with my parents last week. It was a city/spa trip for finish this summer. I was already in Lyon there is six years ago in December where I went see with my family the Lyon Festival of Lights. I loved… the festival and the city of Lyon. I was so excited and I waited since many years to come back in this city. Well, in just few days, a lot of various things are happened, really emotionals, to fight my social anxiety,… and things that I learned and who could to be helpful in my life and my next solo trips. The weather during the trip was a mix, sunny, hot, rainy.



Musée Lumière.

Take Subway.

Starbucks morning.

Hotel’s frames decorations.

Musée des Confluences.

Walk in Lyon.

The Spa.

Take my first taxi and uber.


On Tuesday 4, we left home early for going to the gare station. We took the TGV with about 3 hours of ride, the departure was around 10h00am and we arrived at Lyon, France around 01h00pm. We took a taxi from the gare station to the hotel. Seriously, it was my first taxi experience and I was firstly anxious… taxi always anxious me, to be driven by another (stranger) person and go in her car. Ok, I was not alone but with my parents but like even, I was anxious,… it was the first time that I’m driven by an utter stranger but not the last in just four days.

IMG 1830 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 1842 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 2054 1000x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

We check-in our hotel. The hotel gets all cinema decorations, it was just awesome for me.

The afternoon, we took time to rest and talk about what to do the three next days.

IMG 1859 1000x750 - Lyon, France 2018


On Wednesday 5, we wake up and go to take breakfast at the hotel. We waiting that the museum opens her doors at 10h00 am and we went at the Musée Lumière. It was so awesome for me, I do not love museums in general, I find that annoying, really annoying! but the musée lumière it was all about cinematography, camera, photography… all my loves. I had a good time inside!

IMG 1922 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 1884 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 1887 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 1889 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

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At the lunch, I had a big deal to face, we eat in a restaurant where there was not a lot of food in the menus, even my usual simple comfort food like pasta… but I finally found and ate this Taï Rice. I love more white rice but it was also good and I ate a lemon cheesecake in dessert.

IMG 1925 1000x750 - Lyon, France 2018

The afternoon, it was all about relax! In the beginning, I watched psych because I could not resist watching this tv show even during the trip. About 03h00 pm, we went to the spa zone of the hotel. We did hot tub, my favorite!

IMG 1943 1000x750 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 2041 1000x750 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 1962 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

It was a good and calm time on the roofs of Lyon. The weather was hot for go take a time on loungechairs.

IMG 2008 1000x750 - Lyon, France 2018

Dinner, we ordered a Domino’s Pizza (my favorites) from the hotel and we ate it in the hotel room.

IMG 2056 1000x750 - Lyon, France 2018

We finish the day by a little walk in the streets of Lyon, France around the hotel before go to bed.

IMG 2066 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018


On Thursday 6, we start the day with breakfast at the hotel around 08h30 am, generally I do not love eat breakfast from the hotels, but I can’t lie, here I loved. I took pastries and if the first morning I had only three in my plate, the two last mornings I had five in my plate and all eaten. I loved!

IMG 2071 1000x750 - Lyon, France 2018

My mom needed to rest on the morning so I took the Starbucks the more close. This Starbucks was so pretty. I drunk a hot chocolate and I took equally a look on the new fall stuffs.

IMG 2081 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 2083 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

And finally, it was a rainy day. The afternoon we left the hotel early and we took my first uber for go to the Musée des Confluences. The visit of this museum was awesome, I love it so much… there is a lot of interesting things about life. #nosuicide It was just so much a visit who helped my mental health. Animals, life, earth, humans,… all these things. It was beautiful… and the architecture of this museum was just so beautiful, minimalist.

IMG 2341 1000x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 2258 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 2232 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 2236 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 2223 1000x750 - Lyon, France 2018

Dinosaur shadow.

IMG 2200 1000x750 - Lyon, France 2018

The tree of life.

IMG 2175 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 2245 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

It was a rainy drops wall with the sound of the drops.

IMG 2241 e1536441406190 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 2141 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018


IMG 2147 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 2159 1000x750 - Lyon, France 2018

I love butterflies.

IMG 2171 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

A movie about the earth in formation.

IMG 2246 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

I took a walk outside of the museum. And we took the way of back to the hotel at the end of the afternoon. We took the subway.

IMG 2305 1000x750 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 2312 1000x750 - Lyon, France 2018

I love walking in the streets and I love this streets arts on a middle school wall.

IMG 2324 1000x750 - Lyon, France 2018

We got dinner at the restaurant and again once time, I dealt with the menus but I finally took bovine tartar and french fries. It was the first time that I eat bovine tartar, ok, I loved to eat few pieces but after more I eaten more I felt disgusting about, I did not eat all.

IMG 2338 1000x750 - Lyon, France 2018

We packing the suitcases and go to bed.


On Friday 7, we had the train only in the beginning of the afternoon, so we check out the hotel around 10h00 am, we took a taxi for go to the gare station and we left the suitcases in the luggage storage at the gare for to be free-hand. We went at the Lyon Part Dieu Mall (next to the gare), mom and I did few stores. I love the architecture of this mall. My dad stays to the level zero because he has fear of heights.

IMG 2411 1000x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

IMG 2373 1000x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

A little passage at the Apple Store to buy my Apple Watch fall color band.

IMG 2366 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

We pick up our luggages and waiting for boarding the TGV, I took the time to drink a hot chocolate from Starbucks.

IMG 2407 750x1000 - Lyon, France 2018

We back home tired and with to have forgotten something in the TGV around 07h00 pm.

Ps. After many calls and have to fight my social anxiety, I managed to recover what my mom to have forgotten in the TGV.


That wraps this trip in Lyon, France. I love to do few days trip in the beginning of September, last year (and the year previous) it was at Nice, here.




  • Reply ashleyleia September 11, 2018 at 11:12 pm

    I think it’s been about 15 years since I visited Lyon, but I still remember how impressed I was by the trompe l’oiel murals in the Croix Rousse area.

    • Reply Peanut Recovery September 12, 2018 at 3:02 pm

      I was not there but thank you for the idea, I add it to my list for a future trip in Lyon😊

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