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It’s thursday!

This is time for a life lately with what’s have been up in my life this week, it was rather a good week with a waiting for to have some more hot days… but on sunday morning, I wanted to do self harm with few tips, I managed not to do it but it was really hard, my arms was painful and burned where I wanted to do self harm. Successful!

Physically it’s hard I have strength and my stomach was in pain in cause of my mentrual pain so I was often for these two reasons lay down in bed.

IMG 1280 - Life Lately

This week, I did a big thing. I tested Blueberries Pancakes and I love so much, seriously it’s so good, generally I don’t like blueberries except in cake with lemon but in pancakes, I LOVE.

IMG 1423 - Life Lately

Since I received my photo book that I created about my first solo trip I can’t stop to looking him and come back in my first solo trip.

IMG 1395 1 - Life Lately

IMG 1318 1 - Life Lately

I eat a lot lot of Nutella Grilled Sandwich.

IMG 1287 2 - Life Lately

Just since this week end the sun has started to comes out a little so my cat and I enjoying together the sun out.

IMG 1419 - Life Lately

On sunday morning, I don’t know exactly what happened in me but I wanted to do self harm… after a lot of test to fight this problem, I tried to put a band ai on the part of my arm where I wanted the more to do self harm, and look my favorite photography book and snuggle with my blanket, it was gone! My arm was in pain inside and burned me but slowly it is gone same if today again sometimes my arm with my old scars burns me a little but I did not wanted anymore to do self harm.

IMG 1489 - Life Lately

On tuesday afternoon, I baked Lemon Blueberries Cupcakes, SO GOOD!

IMG 1582 - Life Lately

On tuesday lunch, I did not know what eat for lunch and before my mom bought me some strawberry so I ate a container of strawberry for lunch. It was yummy! Alert: my may goals including eat, eat fruits!

IMG 1575 - Life Lately

On a afternoon, I did a photo shoot with my dslr and my cat out with the not hot but nice weather like same, my cat was so king because usually she don’t likes that I took her in photography with my dslr. My love.

IMG 1622 1 - Life Lately

That’s wrap this life lately with my cat who is otherwise a little sick today, in the house yesterday was me who was sick and today it’s my cat. We will take her at the veterinary.


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