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Hi! It’s thursday.


It’s time for a life lately. This past week I loved it, it was a hot weather, a really hot weather of 86°F during four days, it was a first time of the season, I tried to enjoy this time the more possible, now the weather is a little less hot but sun is always here. I have another random of things in my week also like my psychiatrist visit on monday afternoon that was not good.

Welcome hot weather!

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I spended my time outside on the terrace with the sun and the hot weather and it was just awesome, I worked outside, I took naps outside, I ate outside,… and with 30°C/86°F, I could put a t-shirt and short for the first time of the season, I was not cold. It was awesome.

IMG 8464 1 - Life Lately

On saturday morning early, my sister and I took our cat at the veterinary for cut her claws. My cat do not like the car, she shouted during all path and in waiting room also but once time at the veterinary she was so nice and so nice when she was cutting her claws. I think she shouted a lot because outside it was hot and my cat loves hot weather and at this moment she was in her box and she could not go outside. This cat.

IMG 8561 - Life Lately

In my bed for trying to healing of my physical fatigue.

IMG 8532 - Life Lately

It was really hot on saturday and sunday, I was not cold so in afternoons I decided to play with the garden hose. It was so much fun, I loved these times.

IMG 8448 - Life Lately

Sunday it was Earth Day, so I have worn some blue. All Blue!

Some note: I have worn a blue band for my Apple Watch also.

IMG 8270 - Life Lately

Working on my blog, I love so much that!

IMG 8571 - Life Lately

I love eat chocolate fondant these times, I ate one on sunday.

IMG 8610 - Life Lately

During a little walk outside on sunday afternoon, I grabbed some flowers.

IMG 6007 - Life Lately

Monday, I had a psychiatrist visit on afternoon and I was seriously disappointed of this one. I felt really not good after, I was so angry. My psychiatrist did not left me talk and turn off the visit after only 15 minutes. I had no time for talk of what I had really need to talk so I was so bad after.

IMG 8605 - Life Lately

On the way of back home I decided to eat a KFC’s Chocolate Kream Ball like even, with the beautiful and hot weather, I re-started to eat some KFC’s Chocolate Kream Balls. I just love them. Do not tell to anyone but I love when they put a lot of chocolate sauce on the ice cream.

IMG 8631 - Life Lately

But I was really not good this time after my psychiatrist visit I was really not good, I was angry, disappointed, tired,… I had a hard time for sleep in the night too, I cried a lot.

IMG 8663 - Life Lately

I love this one like co-worker.


That’s wrap my life lately. Very hard times and good times including this week.

Have you been already disappointed by your psychiatrist?

See you tomorrow.


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  • Reply manyofus1980 April 26, 2018 at 11:29 pm

    glad you had a good week! I love my psychiatrist! shes amazing! so kind and compassionate don’t know where i’d be without her!

    • Reply Mix Borderline and Anorexic April 27, 2018 at 1:01 am

      Thanks for your comment. My psychiatrist was also good and she helped me a lot during 9 years but these last months since that I did a lot of progress in my life, she has changed of behavior and I’m often disappointed of her!

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