Life Lately

It’s day for a life lately… with include two ways, one: good little times two: Panic Attacks, I can include too, Fall/Pumpkin Photoshoots, Halloween movies, Hot Chocolate, Tv Shows, Cat etc… and no psychiatrist visit (it’s vacation).

IMG 4054 e1509014827397 - Life Lately

Last Friday, I took my sweet cat and I did fall PhotoShoot with him, fun and patience time… with a lot of cuddles too, she wanted all time cuddles this cute.

IMG 4156 e1509014863748 - Life Lately

NCIS in Friday Night with a Hot Chocolate.

IMG 4161 e1509014897197 - Life Lately

This was M&M’s Candy Corn on Saturday morning and

IMG 4160 e1509014874855 - Life Lately

… Spooky Music Playlist.

IMG 4162 e1509014912999 - Life Lately

A little work in the morning.

IMG 4164 e1509014922294 - Life Lately

Too on Sunday.

IMG 4165 530x398 - Life Lately

Eat all balls, chicken and potatoes.

IMG 4166 e1509014947665 - Life Lately

My favorite last month yogurt.

IMG 4273 e1509014957789 - Life Lately

She has come a lot for cuddles with me, saturday evening I did something on the floor and she come in my room and wants to climb on me for cuddles, cuddles… I finished lying down on the carpet, sweet TiMe.

IMG 4281 e1509014970517 - Life Lately

Reading and just a piece of Chocolate.

IMG 4288 e1509014986262 - Life Lately

NCIS LA is back now in France with new ep. of Season 8.

IMG 4336 e1509022965689 - Life Lately

Just drinking hot chocolate time in a comfort place.

IMG 4363 e1509014997116 - Life Lately

On sunday night, drunk hot chocolate in Jack Skellinton (see here) and watching The nightmare before Christmas.

IMG 4379 e1509023040272 - Life Lately

Lego. Obsession. I builded this one two times this weeks. Ghotsbusters. Yeah! season.

IMG 4408 530x398 - Life Lately

I mixed noodles chinese with tomato.

IMG 4427 e1509015023614 - Life Lately

Fun size on tuesday night.

IMG 4464 e1509015032266 - Life Lately

I ate chocolate frosting in the paquet. I was out.

IMG 4478 e1509015043893 - Life Lately

The haunted mansion.

IMG 4516 e1509015054894 - Life Lately

I love (so much) open box.

This is on this that my life lately is wrap.



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