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Today, I have a assortiment pictures for a Life Lately between again summer holiday and back to school time.


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I posted this photo in my Instagram with a legend I have order a little part of my recovery, in fact means that I bought the boarding pass for my Skip Day of last thursday, recap here.

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A little Chocolate Cream Ball during last times of summer holiday.

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I said it in my august food in review, I ate a lots of French Toast or Nutella Crepes at breakfast these times.

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I was at hairdresser, the last time it was in November 2016 and it did good.

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Spa for the last times.

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On a Saturday I watched the three last new episodes of NCIS: NO.

IMG 0397 e1504777088463 - Life Lately

A Summer Sunset.

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On 28th Monday, I had my first psychiatrist visit since 3 weeks, I went in flip flops, yeah, since a long time I wanted to do, on this I decided to do and now I did not want anymore.

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I followed after my psychiatrist visit with a Ice Cream cause these the last time for that.

IMG 0526 e1504777183593 - Life Lately

After I unpacked my delivered packet this afternoon, I cannot stop me to throw these packing peanuts in all ways.

IMG 1016 e1504777287784 - Life Lately

Unpacking is a of my favorite to do.

IMG 0507 e1504777174587 - Life Lately

I have a new routine for anti depression day (I could near to do a post about) inclue watching 7th Heaven.

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School has started on tuesday and on friday I posted a Friday Favorites: back to school edition inclue this giant coloring NY poster inside for my extra school, it is cool.

IMG 0890 e1504777203386 - Life Lately

Sleep with my favorite blanket and flag.

IMG 0788 - Life Lately

Last Thursday was this day. HERE.

IMG 1099 e1504777704346 - Life Lately

Actually, I love eat wheat whole bread, salmon and egg for dinner.

IMG 0910 e1504777211288 - Life Lately

When your cat takes your place and do not want that you work but snuggles.

IMG 0925 e1504777235459 - Life Lately

HOURA!!! On friday, NCIS new episodes Season 14 has started in France, the last diffusions before Summer Holiday were stopped at episode 8, restarted at episode 9. It’s time.

IMG 0960 e1504777257695 - Life Lately

This is supposed to be a Egg/ USA Flag, weird a little.

IMG 1053 e1504803374830 - Life Lately

On Tuesday night, I watched my first Halloween movie for the season, this was “the dog who saved Halloween”, this is a fun little movie of Halloween that last year or again previous last year I loved a lots.

IMG 0957 e1504777246595 - Life Lately

New fav stripes.

IMG 1044 e1504777298526 - Life Lately

On tuesday after psychiatrist visit and Apple Store, it’s smoothie time in the gare station with a delay train. No.Problem. No.Anxious this time.


These last times-life lately are wrapped.


But for finish…


I inclue too my new Design/Name blog in this Life Lately.

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