June Movies Review

june movies review - June Movies Review

It’s june movies review.


I have watched several movies this month. With this first month of summer I wanted just watch more movies about vacation, beach, summer,… I loved all movies that I watched this month and I had fun to watch them.


Let’s see june movies review.

my girl still - June Movies Review

My girlA day when I searched some new movies to add at my wishlist on Netflix, I found this one, this month I watched it and if I would have known that the death was inside this movie I would not have watched it. Generally, I do not love this kind of movie with romance inside but I rather good loved this one, the story,… until that it talks of the death.

were the millers hero1 - June Movies Review


We’re the millersNo more words. Just crazy, fun movie.

cheaper by the dozen 2 cheaper by the dozen 2 25891670 1280 544 - June Movies Review


Cheaper by Dozen 2I watched cheaper by dozen (the first and second) a lot of times but this month I wanted watch cheaper by dozen 2 like that talk about vacation. It’s a fun movie but I prefer the first that the second, I laugh more with the first.

daddy s home 2 947f4de6 db34 11e7 ad52 47d546f3ccd3 - June Movies Review


Daddy’s Home 2Few months ago, I watched Daddy’s Home and I had seen that there was Daddy’s Home 2, the first I loved same if it was not always easy to watch with my BPD problems but I loved and I told to keep the 2 for watching around father’s day. I watched on father’s day night and really I did not loved this second version, the end was good but it was not entairtened by this movie, I love movie around christmas but this one I did not laughed a lot. I like more the first.

52997a1d63f425818ac2b6580702227e38e6ecc8 - June Movies Review


Ibiza. When a girl go to Ibiza for his work with two girlfriends and finally fall in love with a boy. In generally I do not love romantic movies, I found them too calm with no energy in the movies… This one is so crazy and fun, the best romantic movie that I never see. It was also a perfect movie that I had need to see before shortly go on my summer family vacation. I have again recenter my goals for my summer vacation AND with this movie I told me I really need to learn spanish, I want travel a lot in my future and know spanish  could to be more practical during the trips.

minimalism - June Movies Review


Minimalism Documentary. This documentary I watched it on Netflix, I’m minimalism so I wanted watch it. This is a nice documentary about minimalism. It’s a good documentary for peoples who do not know the minimalism or for beginners in minimalism world.


That’s wrap for June Movies Review.


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