Inside my NightTable

Hi! This is a little look inside my nighttable today, the nighttable is a important thing for passing a good night because when you wake up at 2am and that you need of a little something for drink, write,… that’s may be good to have just next to you and stay in bed that having to get up.

IMG 0749 550x413 - Inside my NightTable

Before a little look inside, here a little look on.

IMG 0747 550x733 - Inside my NightTable

I have a Philips Hue Go lamp, my iPad (that I have more often on my bed) and a little flag of my favorite country in a wooden frame.

IMG 0745 550x734 - Inside my NightTable

My night table is a simple white with two drawers, she has a similarities from the Ikea Malm nighttable.

Passing inside now.

Today, my nighttable is full of things that these last years I could to have need during my nights. To drink, write a thing before sleeping, creams, medications, headphone,… Generally, I use every nights the things that I have in my nighttable, expect medications because these times I work on my anxiety without medications.


In drawers n°1.

IMG 0759 550x412 - Inside my NightTable

#1. Remote Controls and Book lamp. Always here my remote controls for when I watching Tv and my little book lamp when I want watching a book in the night it’s practical.

#2. My Beats headphone. I bought my beats only there is few months, before I did not liked use headphones but with the beats I love it and I can not do without it, always next to my bed.

#3. Drink. When I can’t not sleep before 2am and that the last time I drink it’s 10pm, I’m thirsty and I need to drink, usually I use Caprice Sun fruits.

#4. Medications. Alprazolam and Atarax are two medications for sleep or anxiety, I have always in my nighttable same if I do not take them since some months.

#5. Earphone. Same if I love it so much my beats headphone sometimes I want just use simple earphone, ok I have always also in my nighttable.

#6. Creams. All creams need for hydrate my skin or for my eczema are always with me.

#7. Post it and Pen. It could happen that before sleep I need to write something for do not forget it, I use evernote in my iPhone but when I know that I need that’s in front of my eyes and not in my iPhone I love write on post it.


In drawers n°2.

IMG 0760 550x413 - Inside my NightTable

#1. Tv Shows Dvd. I have all my movies dvd organized in a blender but my Tv Shows dvd I keep them in their boxes and they are in the second drawers of my nighttable because I love it to have them here.

#2. External Battery. I do not use it at home but I take it always with me in travel.

#3. Cables organization box. This box is where all my cables are organized (iPhone, dslr, canon, dji spark,…) all organized in this box, I love it she is easy to organize in and I take it always in travel with me also.

#4. A Game. I love to have one or two little games in my nighttable here it’s tantrix, I just love this game, generally I do not play during the night when it’s time to sleep but the night during watching a movie I love playing together and watching the movie.

IMG 0746 550x413 - Inside my NightTable

That was a little look inside my nighttable. What is your favorite thing to have in your nighttable?



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