I love stickers

IMG 9864 - I love stickers

Hi! Today, I will talk about a special thing, a thing that I love, a thing which encourage me when I use it: STICKERS.

IMG 0877 - I love stickers

I love, love really so much stickers, I think I have a stickers obsession.

I love really use stickers in particularly with my planner.

Since, I discovered the Erin Condren website (I have talked about the brand in a post here.), I place often orders, I bought a lot of stickers inside, since I’m a child I love use stickers but with Erin Condren, the dream for a adult of play with stickers all in stay organized comes true. Yes!!! There is a ton of stickers differents on her website. It’s a dreaming place for me. #fun

I love the monthly book of stickers, in my december’s order I bought the 2018, last year I bought the 2017.

IMG 9867 - I love stickers

I love stickers for embellish the calendar, special days,….

IMG 9865 - I love stickers

I love stickers for write my posts.

IMG 9866 - I love stickers

I don’t know why I love so much stickers in my life, but it’s a big deal on my planner for stay organized and above all stickers help me in my mental health and give me a hope mind with beautiful quotes on Erin Condren’s stickers.

IMG 9868 - I love stickers

I love, LOVE stickers.



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    I love stickers too 🙂

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