How to Travel Solo (what I learned of my first solo trip).

how to travel solo - How to Travel Solo (what I learned of my first solo trip).

There is less of two weeks I went back of my first ever SOLO trip.




I wanted dedicate a post on the blog in the idea with tips/solutions “How to Travel SOLO” for female, peoples with anxiety, peoples with mental health,… Tips that I used and learned of my first solo trip… with some simple tips, you can to do your trip the BEST. I’m excited to book other solo trips and go!

I did my first solo trip in Nice on the French Riviera, see the review of my trip HERE.

Are you already done a solo trip? How it was? Let me know it, I would be pleased to learn about your solo trip.


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Freedom. The freedom, when you travel solo you have the experience of freedom. You are alone and plan for you for to do what you want as you hear it, you are not forced of wait on other peoples or conciliate with the plans of other peoples.

Challenge fears. Travel solo is a best thing (activity) for challenge your fears mostly if you are like me with fears, social anxiety, assault anxiety,… It’s a good way of challenge these fears and many others fears that you have.

Self discovery. When you travel in solo you discover yourself, you can learn a lot of things that you did not know on yourself. You see that you are able of much more of things that you thought.

Boost your confidence. A solo trip can boost your confidence because when you are challenged your fears and discovered a lot about yourself, your confidence increase a good few.

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You know now what a solo trip can bring you. It’s awesome all these things, no?

I follow with few tips to do and take in account before a solo trip. I did every single of these tips for my first solo trip.



A city know. Specifically if it’s your first solo trip, choose a city know is better firstly, you have some landmarks, you know what do on the city, you know the plans of the city,… Me, I chosen Nice, France on my first solo trip because I know this city, I travelled a lot of times with my family before and it’s my favorite city in France too.

Start small. I did a three days for my first solo trip. I slept two nights in the hotel, the first and third was more for my flights and I had a full day in the city for to do what I wanted. Three days it was just perfect for my first trip. I decided to start small with just three days and not with a complet week and it was just good. Start small is the best ever idea that I had for my first solo trip.

Planning. It’s not because you travel solo that you do not need to planning your trip on the contrary,… planning a solo trip where you have just you, you have more chance to do what you want if it’s planned… for better manage your time once there also and planned a solo trip it could make you more lenient with other peoples when you will planning for your next family trips or not solo.

To have a plan A and B. Planning a plan A of what you want to do but to have a plan B too for just a lot of reasons that need to do a change, to have a plan B it’s also for do not to be disappointed if your plan A does not work… when I have planned my trip back in february for a trip in the mid-april, I had change a little and use my plan B in cause of the weather that was not good, with the bad weather I had to do some little change and use my plan B, it was a good idea to have a plan B, I did things without to be disappointed because I could not to do my plan A.

iPhone apps… airport, hotel, bus,… Including in planning, I dowloaded the time of trip all apps that I might need on my iPhone as Nice Airport App, Airline Company app, Hotel with Check-in informations app, bus app,… for to have the maximum of informations that you can look fastly.

To have emergency contacts. Before my trip, I booked in my iPhone all ideas of emergency contacts informations for to have them if necessary, I equally took the address of the Police the closest,… Things like that.

To have a budget. To have a ideas of how much you want spend in food, activity, fashion, souvenirs, bus, taxi,…

Let know where you go and what you do. I read that a lot “let know at one people (at least) of confidence where you go and what you do” and text and call regularly for let know people that you are safe.

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The most difficult part of the trip, do it!

I write few tips and ideas that I used for my solo trip and that I worked good with them.



To be confident. It’s hard when you have anxiety or a lack of confiance but it’s the best thing for that the other peoples do not believe or see that you have a lack of confidence.

To have double travel documents confirmations: papers and iPhone. On any kind of trips I have my travel documents (boarding pass flights, check-in hotel,…) in papers and iPhone but in solo I think it’s again more necessary because you are the only person while in a trip with multiple person each one can to have a copy… but in solo no, so if you lose your bag with papers you have always your phone or vice versa.

Stay in light hours. I booked some flights during the day and I never went out to early in morning or in the night. Winter or Summer I think that it’s better to stay in light hours for stay the most safe and it can reassures if you have anxiety. 

Take not so much things. For that the suitcase do not to be heavy and in cause some burglars. To have just the necessary… on my trip in electronic devices I just took my iPhone and MacBook because I wanted work on my blog during the trip but I did not took my iPad, DSLR, Drone,… just with I wanted use.

Trust your instinct. Let your instinct decide, if you feel not good to go here or there do not go.

Ignore the remarks. If you have social anxiety as me and if peoples to do some signs/remarks and that you do not want talk at these peoples, stay confident and ignore them.

Don’t tell personal things. If you make yourself friends or talk at some unknown, don’t tell too personal things about your life or your trip.

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Similar home things. The best tip for me when I started to felt me bad to be solo on my trip it was to do something like at home. I watched a episode of Monk, a tv show that I watching and love watching a lot at my home, I watched it like at home on tv, I used the tv of my hotel room, I did not changed like watching on my Macbook in streaming… I watched on tv like at home AND I did not feel anymore confused to be alone.

About other anxiety that the solo trip in himself, I used a little of Xanax because I had fear about turbulence during my flights. I did not try other things for manage my anxiety because I did not have anxiety really but my BEST TIPS really is…

To Do something that you love and similar like at home.

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howtotravelsolo - How to Travel Solo (what I learned of my first solo trip).


These things that I learned with my first solo trip.

Are you already done a solo trip? How did you live it? What did you learn about? Have you other TIPS/IDEAS that these that I written? Do you know good European City for female solo to travel?

Please let me know it if you have any kind of tips for my next other solo trips.


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    I love your post, a lot of good ideas!

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      Thanks for comment, thank you!

  • Reply Ashley Recovery April 23, 2018 at 9:07 pm

    I love the tip of “start small”, I was just wondering how long time for my first solo trip, three days sounds perfect!

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    Thank you!

  • Reply Olwethu-Thando Klaas July 5, 2018 at 3:36 pm

    This was alot like my experience in New York. Definitely going to fine tune my expectations and such when I head to France for fashion week in Sept.

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