Four Things Right Now About Leo

IMG 6237 - Four Things Right Now About Leo

I found fun to do a post like that.

In this post four things about Leo. Leo this is my cat. This is my family’s cat. We have it since about 5 years… we take it while he was abandoned.

Little fact: my cat name is “Leo” but my cat is a girl… this is my sister who gives this name in cause of a thing that my sister lived but my cat is a girl.


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It’s all her!!! My cat wants all time some cuddles, she will all time with my mom for have some cuddles, on nights it’s with my dad she is all time. Sometimes when we can’t give her some cuddles she is constantly in searching, she searches us, she tries to have our attention and she wants to have some cuddles. Me, I can give her less of cuddles that my mom and dad in cause of my allergies, sometimes when I’m in my bedroom sit on my carpet if she sees that downstairs no one give her some attention she comes crying in my bedroom for that I give him some cuddles and if she sees that I’m sit on my carpet I’m screwed, she comes snuggle with me and talk me for that I give him some cuddles. My sister do not live anymore at home, she comes for give him some cuddles on sundays or sometimes when she do not work.



Yep, every mornings she comes behind the closed doors early, early it’s between 4h-5h am, she cries until someone open the door and give him some attention, I think my cat do not like stay alone during few hours in the row. Generally as my mom has sleep problem she opens her door at our cat but after my mom can’t sleep anymore. Me. I heard my cat rarely in the mornings, she can cries she does not wake up.



My cat is black and white and in her white on her little cat face, she has a little black stain on the right just beside his nose. I love that, it’s so cute, I love when I look my cat and I see this stain. If you look good you can see it on the photo above. So cute!!!



My cat does not want play a lot but when we give her some little mousses like toy, she runs, she jumps everywhere with. She loves so much REALLY play with little mousses.


These are four things about my cat. I love my cat!


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    Reminds me of our Tuxedo cat Mao Mao <3

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