Today, I do a food in review post for the month of April. There is a lots of months where I didn’t Food Goals or Food In Review for the simple reason that I can’t eat for recovery to Anorexia cause of my tooth problems but this month I founded more divers foods that this last months.

See storie Dark Secret (tooth problems), Recovery #1, Recovery#2 ‘s posts.

So, this Food Review will a little special cause it’s not a review for recovery Anorexia the most but more a recovery for eat with my tooth problems cause in generally I shallow directly.

One thing, despite that this Food Review is consecrate at the news foods that I managed to eat with my two tooth roots canals of March’s month and that I can not eat on the two tooth care I’m managed to ate new Foods special with lots of calories with no fears and where I found a tasty so that I can not ate these food by fears or by disgusted.

I start with Breakfast section.

For breakfast was always the same for this time, a milk glass, a yogurt and few bread crumbs with Nutella cause it was more easy until today for try to chew a little without real to did on two care tooth.

Lunch section.

For this section I’m managed to founded new foods that I can nearly eat with the teeth but that I can’t before my fear and calories and also I founded few new tasty things that I love.

Mac & Cheese, I shallow directly but I love.

These mini forms fishs but I can’t ate the crumbs so much crips.

YUMMM! Sloppy joe.

Rice I tried but hard it stuck in between tooth.

Dinner section.

Pizza I tried, just the dough and cheese, I love it It’s a good new for Anorexia recovery but too hard for eat just to swallow almost.

Bun’s Bolog, more easy with this dough and I love.

Hot Dog, it’s hard a cut in very little pieces and not all bread, but GOOD for anorexia recovery, I love the tasty and not fears of calories.

I tried Chicken nuggets so so so much tasty but too hard for eat just in shallow.

Desserts section

Cream Ball Chocolate but a thing I ate never the cereals at the bottom of the cup.

Brownie, I love it and not fears of Calories but for to ate I always removed the top and edge too over baking by the confectionner.

I wanted test melting chocolate: I love it so much same with the lots of calories inside but a little hard to ate.

This dessert I loved it but not easy to ate in some parts of a piece.

Milka eggs are soft so easy to let for melt on the puck and I don’t fears of CALORIES.

A night I tried Nutella Hot Dog tasty but hard to ate with tooth.

Vanilla milkshakes was there too.

Green smoothies.

Ok, this is a little review of my food on April month, just month my priority was I founded to eat other things that mashed potatoes, tomatoes soup and yogurts and that I wanted and could eat with tooth problems, it was hard but I’m managed.

The big thing of this month in connection with Eating Disorder;


It was not the CALORIES the problem with beef but when I see beef, I’m disgusted me, in my sentiments I couldn’t eat beef on all forms but Sloppy Joe, YEAH! at this time.

I’m again in reflection if I do a Food Goals for May I don’t know at this moment.


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