1st Rubik’s Cube & I’m away on a trip.

There two weeks ago, I completed first ever Rubik’s cube. I’m happy about. It was my very first, I never had of rubik’s cube when I was a child and now I wanted to try. I put three full days before understanding all handling. And I finally managed, I’m so excited and happy about… to have managed it. Since, I can’t stop to do it, I did it about 15 times in two weeks. I feel so good about that.

IMG 1406 1000x750 - 1st Rubik's Cube & I'm away on a trip.

IMG 1093 750x1000 - 1st Rubik's Cube & I'm away on a trip.

IMG 1085 1000x1000 - 1st Rubik's Cube & I'm away on a trip.


Today, I take the way of a trip with my parents in Lyon, France. The last time that I was here it was in december 2012 and I’m excited to come back. I will take a little break of the blog and I could to be back here on Friday with my first friday favorites and this is a special edition.

Take care of you.



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  • Reply manyofus1980 September 9, 2018 at 9:16 am

    well done! completing those is hard! so good job! enjoy the trip your back by now but I hope you enjoyed! xo

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