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Today, I’m going to show you my few favorites trip of these last five years. These are my favorites for each their reasons, sometimes for the place, sometimes it is for the family good time, etc… I did others trips again between these trips, I’m going show now the must favorites that I did. In follow list a trip at Lyon for festival of lights in December 2013 is add but I have not good photos for inclue in list, they are all bad and blur because I had not good camera for take photos but it’s not very important cause this trip is in the list and I loved so much and I have some very good memories in my memory of him.


Disneyland Paris November 2012

img 02741 - Favorites Trip

Few days in November 2012 I went for the first time in Disneyland Paris, I love this place I would like to get back there… A favorite thing also it was we went just the first days of November, when we arrived it was Halloween Decorations in park and one morning when we arrived in the park they had put the Christmas big tree in one night, I was impressed about that, all peoples worked all night for that, and Christmas Decorations a lots was here. We went in 20th Birthday of the park too.


Métabief March 2014

img 05202 - Favorites Trip

Métabief this is a Ski Station in France, it was a first snow trip since long time, I took on this trip for the first time chair lift, it was cool.


Palavas Les Flots July 2014

img 22571 - Favorites Trip

This one, I loved this place for the beach that there was, the palms and animation.


Paris October 2014

img 54171 - Favorites Trip

Visited a lots of Paris on this trip and I went up at the eiffel tower for the first time.


Cannes March 2015

img 36891 - Favorites Trip

First time that I saw Cannes and I love this city now.


Menton March 2015

img 40541 - Favorites Trip

Followed by Menton, where I visited Lemon festival, I loved, in 2015 it was China which was to the honor.


Monaco March 2015

img 40161 - Favorites Trip

Followed by Monaco, a favorite place for me to see, garden, beautiful views, incredible high city, I love.


Six Four Les Plages July 2015

img 39231 - Favorites Trip

Six Four Les Plages is a city in the south of France that I loved for so good ice creams, beautiful sunsets.


Nice August 2015

img 65611 - Favorites Trip

Since this trip in Nice, this was the first time but it’s now a big story between Nice and me, a lots of so much beautiful things to see, so so much, I love it.


Cannes April 2016

img 22961 - Favorites Trip

We went back in Cannes and I could come back again because I love this city particularly in spring with the trees, the palace… I love so much this city cause all big hotel there have USA flag in the entry and when I saw a USA flag, I’m extremely crazy. I love this.


Monaco April 2016

img 16871 - Favorites Trip

A good little place for a day, again also.


Marineland April 2016

img 20791 - Favorites Trip

I love this park, so beautiful Dolphins they are my favorite water animal and others animals that I love it.


Nice September 2016

img 13771 - Favorites Trip

That was a special trip, you can recap here, First time after 14th July 2016 Nice Terror Attack, I had badly lived this Attack because Nice is my favorite city of France, but I managed to take fierce in that and to be to go in September that give me again for strength. I love Nice.


Métabief January 2017

img 99571 - Favorites Trip

Was a little snow good trip.


I take French Riviera March 2017

img 8836 - Favorites Trip

Again Cannes, Monaco etc in Spring, recap here, here, here.


Corsica 2017

img 8759 - Favorites Trip

This is clearly my favorite for all progress, psychological, autonomy, mange BPD that I did on this Summer Family Vacation trip. B.E.S.T. Really. Recap here.


Here is a little around my favorites during last five years, I did others trips again but they are my best.




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