Favorites: Summer Edition

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It’s a long time that I did not do my regular Friday Favorites posts, there is a lot of reasons like my blog-break during my vacation or again my summer vacation recaps… But in reality, there is another reason. During this summer, I wanted to change a little my blog posts and not to do like the rest of the year.


I have just need of that during this summer, change a little my blog planning.


I found necessary to do a post with my favorites things during this summer but I do not want to do one every Friday so I decided to escape of my regular Friday Favorites posts… And to do a big summer edition.


This post could be my first and last favorites post of August and I will to be back with my regular favorites posts in September.


I had a lot of favorites things during these past weeks. And in this post, it’s a mix of all kinds of my favorites.



This skin face mask. It’s really recently that I started to use skin face mask, I tested a few and this one is the best, my skin is so good hydrated during few days after and me I have always the skin of my face a little blushed in cause of my eczema… when I applied the first time this mask, my skin was almost not anymore blushed. It’s so cool! I do one or two masks by week.

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The Anthelios Comfort Lotion sunscreen from La Roche Posay is an absolute favorite, I love apply it, she protects good my skin and in more she helped me to tan. I talked about in a post here.

IMG 9398 750x1000 - Favorites: Summer Edition

My favorite shower gel that I use since more that one year is a coconut perfume, I love it so much but during summer I wanted to try another perfume, more summer feeling but I didn’t know what with all perfumes who are sell. A day, I saw a publicity on the tv about a new perfume and I loved the publicity and I told me it’s this one that I want try.

A shower gel with rice milk and Japenese tea. It was just what I had need like shower gel for this summer.

IMG 9507 750x1000 - Favorites: Summer Edition


Outdoor spa and pool are my summer favorites.

IMG 8922 - Favorites: Summer Edition


Ice Cream Magnum Classic. It’s my new favorite ice cream, so good.

IMG 9488 750x1000 - Favorites: Summer Edition

IMG 9384 750x1000 - Favorites: Summer Edition


The time spent with this cutie during my photos sessions, it’s just precious and good. I have planned to extend these times after summer.

IMG 2539 1000x667 - Favorites: Summer Edition


Almost every day, I think to my memories of my first solo trip in past April and I think a lot about my good socially experience to have been blocked in the airport for 5 hours in cause of the storm weather

and when I watching this photo, it’s a so good time. It’s crazy also when I watching the bad weather on this photo, I can’t believe that I was over there and that I take off in this. It’s crazy!

IMG 9266 1000x562 - Favorites: Summer Edition


Watching BULL, Ncis New Orleans, Hawaii 5-0, Psych, Malcolm in the Middle are some favorite these times.

IMG 8759 - Favorites: Summer Edition


Remembering my summer beach vacation 2018 and write my posts recaps are an of my favorite during this summer.

img 6670 - Favorites: Summer Edition


My time spent to take sunset photography on the beach.

img 6831 - Favorites: Summer Edition

img 6843 - Favorites: Summer Edition


Cruising, cruising, a favorite during my trip.

img 5202 - Favorites: Summer Edition


My stripes beach towel from Pottery Barn. So sweet and comfortable, I love wrapping me inside.

img 3835 - Favorites: Summer Edition


Wear my sun hat.

img 3508 - Favorites: Summer Edition

Wear my pastel pink Apple Watch brand and ride my bike are some favorites of this summer.

img 2481 - Favorites: Summer Edition


Spend evening late outside in the backyard is my summer favorite. Eat outside on the terrace when it’s hot and sunny is a summer favorite also.

img 4023 - Favorites: Summer Edition


I did a haircut in June, I loved. Since few years, I go cut my hair just once time by year, now I want to do go twice. Summer and winter.

img 3984 - Favorites: Summer Edition


Over the last months, I had of hard psychiatrist visits, often after them I felt bad and disappointed but I had two good visits where I felt good after/during and who helped me a lot.

IMG 9067 - Favorites: Summer Edition

That’s wrap my Favorites Summer Edition. The Summer is not completely over and  I have some fun  planned again and I hope that I could to add and have a lot of others favorites.


What are your favorites during this summer 2018?



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