Disneyland Paris November 2019

Between Christmas decorations and magic! Last week, I was on my November therapy trip to Disneyland Paris during two nights and three full days. The Christmas season to Disneyland Paris has started the weekend before I went so every show was not again available but it was not a problem because there are a lot of shows during the Christmas season and during this trip I could concentrate me on some and during my trip in December I could to concentrate me on the ones that were not available when I was last week. I find that cool, it permits me to have a more relax trip without to have all the shows to watch in the same time.

Talk about my trip. It was really amazing! More helpful than my trip in October, I could have some nice calm down times with my flashbacks and anxiety. It was so good! And three precious days! Because currently, I’m always in some hard times and I haven’t talked again here but I have finally started to take Sertraline to see if it’s can help me, it’s not particularly very helpful at this moment but it’s only two weeks ago that I started to take it.

Not because I was disappointed, in the contrary it was a really good trip but I will not do a big recap in multiple posts, just in one post with less of photos. Because I’m going twice during the Christmas season and next time I stay more long and like all shows were not available during my trip, I will to do a simple for my November trip and longer posts on my next trip. But it was a really good trip!



Took my TGV at 05h42 am, I had the time to arrival at 09h00 am in the park during the extra magic hours again. Less peoples, I could to do photos and I have done a few attractions with Dumbo, Tea Cups, It’s A Small World and Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. I strolled in the park until to wait 45 minutes before (for good photos spot) the first Christmas parade of the day at 12h00 pm. Oh the music! I love it! It’s so good for the brain!

IMG 4416 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 4500 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 4493 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 4481 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 4458 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 4526 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 4635 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 4550 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 4509 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 4567 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 4675 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 4659 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 4816 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 4869 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 4924 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 4953 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 5075 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 5088 - Disneyland Paris November 2019

The second Christmas parade is at 01h20 pm and in waiting I drink one hot cocoa and waited. Now, it was crazy! The weather was bad during my trip, I had a lot of rain sometimes sun but rarely and it was cold with about 5 degrees Celcius but any shows were canceled during the three days. But it was crazy when the second parade has started it was not rainy, the sky was so storming dark behind the castle but not rainy and five minutes after that she has started the rain has started until to be so powerful and hailstorm. The crazy thing also is that it was during 10 minutes and even if everyone was going to shelter and the floats started to going faster, it was finished before that the parade was finished. It was crazy and even if I was not able to take photos or videos, I loved this and it makes me feel happy. I don’t know why but it is! Like I’ve stayed under the powerful rain in 10 minutes I was soaked but thanks in my planning it was the time that I go check-in my hotel and take a break after wake up at 04h30 am. And here it was time to put dry clothes. I changed the hotel this time. The two previous times, I took the Vienna House Dream Castle and this time I took the Vienna House Magic Circus, always a hotel partner to Disneyland Paris and it was a change and a new discovery. I loved discovery this one!

IMG 9558 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 4753 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 9647 - Disneyland Paris November 2019

Around 05h00 pm, I took the shuttle back to the park for the evening. I watched Disney Illuminations under a new angle. I have always watched in front of the castle, now, in reality I was always in front of the castle but I have chosen to go on the side a bit to have a new angle. I haven’t had in mind to shoot or take photos with my DSLR of Disney Illuminations during this trip and it was the desire to try new angles so it was the time. The view was not also good but I loved trying this new angle. The harder thing, on the ground it was so wet of the rain so I was not able to sit down and staying 1 and a half hour stands up without moving is hard. But it was a nice evening! And with extra smiles when a good cast member entertainment everyone and makes laugh everyone in waiting the show. I stayed to take night photos after and I was back to the hotel around 09h00 pm where I watched a Christmas movie and eat my first thing of the day (the mickey shaped cookie above and one apple sauce) before going to sleep and fall asleep so fast. These last weeks, I took about 4 hours to fall asleep every night and this night I took less of 1 hour. Right! After a good therapy day to Disneyland.

IMG 0637 e1574251538955 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 9994 - Disneyland Paris November 2019


I have big sleeping troubles since weeks and miss sleeping time and I’m so tired so on this morning, I have chosen do not go during extra magic hours but later to rest me. I was outside around 10h00 am and I stopped by Starbucks from Disney Village to drink one hot cocoa and to have my first holiday cup of the season. Right! Before heading in the park, I went in the hall from the Disneyland hotel where they have a giant Gingerbread house and beautiful Christmas decorations.

IMG 0065 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 5278 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 5274 - Disneyland Paris November 2019

I have eaten half of one cute frozen cupcake, strolled and I went watching the first Christmas parade of the day at 12h00 pm before right after I went in the Walt Disney Studios to watching Mickey’s Christmas Big Band. Before to be back in the Disneyland park and catching the second Christmas parade at 01h20 pm.

IMG 4486 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 5298 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 5447 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 5440 - Disneyland Paris November 2019

Right! I went to get warming up in the vidéopolis and watching Let’s Sing Christmas. After I strolled on Main Street USA, drink another hot cocoa and I went wait for Disney Stars on Parade at 05h00 pm. It was the very first time that I discover Disney Stars on Parade with the night almost falls and it was so beautiful. Magic! The floats have lights with the Main Street USA lights, plus Christmas lights. It was so beautiful and again more magic! I went wait for Disney Illuminations at the same place that the night before and again with the cast member who makes laughs everyone and I enjoyed the rest of the evening before back to the hotel.

IMG 0417 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 5553 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 5588 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 0523 e1574251609489 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 0652 e1574251513795 - Disneyland Paris November 2019


I wanted to wake up for the extra magic hours but too tired at 08h30 am I was again in the bed. I have finally check-out the hotel before heading at the gare to left my luggage in the locker and heading in the park at 09h30 am. I took one hot cocoa as breakfast and I have done nothing that sit down on a bench in Fantasyland to watching a Christmas movie and enjoying that I’m at Disneyland during waiting the Christmas parade. Between the two parades, I have done a cruising time with The Thunder Mesa River Boat.

Right after the second Christmas parade I have done something of new and who really anxious me! It was around 02h00 pm when I went to drink another hot cocoa but this time in a cafe. I went in the Cafe Fantasia localized in the Disneyland hotel. Many reasons that my anxiety was high! Already, with my eating disorder I don’t like to go in restaurants with waiters. Another one reason, it was the first time that I walked in the Disneyland hotel and I was scared to take the wrong way until the cafe. It’s nothing I know but it’s anxious me a really lot! I was really anxious at first but I loved this time, the waiter was really nice and it was a time calm from the park and to warm up (because it’s cold outside) and the Christmas decorations around were so beautiful. I loved this time! And I decided to plan it again during my December trip.

IMG 0833 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 5689 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 5692 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 0855 - Disneyland Paris November 2019

I went to see Mickey’s Philar Magic, a show that I love but it’s a 4D show and I think watching some 4D gives me some headaches. After, I went to wait for Disney Stars on Parade at 05h00 pm. For the first time ever, I went to watch it from Fantasyland. This spot is not good for the photos but just for watching it, it’s perfect because like the departure is from Fantasyland you wait a less long time, where when you wait on Main Street USA you can wait 15 minutes more after his departure hour. I’m obsessed to follow along with the end of the parade to hear more time the music and because the last float is frozen float and snow is falling. I’m obsessed with snow, again more because it’s eight months that I haven’t done ski and that the ski season is around the corner. I’m guilty! I love to follow the parade.

IMG 0919 - Disneyland Paris November 2019IMG 0965 e1574331988959 - Disneyland Paris November 2019

Right! After the parade, I have done Christmas shopping and I went to listen Let’s Sing Christmas. My TGV departure is at 08h11 pm and the park closed at 07h00 pm so I had the time to watch Disney Illuminations. But I watched it from Main Street USA and not in front of the castle to do not be in the crowd when I must heading out of the park fast. Because I planned to go out of the park at 07h20 pm just when Disney Illuminations finish. The position from Main Street USA is really bad, I don’t understand why some peoples wait here more than 30 minutes before so there is enough of place to go on Central Plaza. We do not see the Illuminations on the Castle and the water jets, the only thing you can see is the firework, and I realized who is really big, a thing that we do not see really when you are in the front of the castle. But it’s ok for me! I wanted to test this spot view also and it was my last day of my trip and I was good to could watching on the last day because on my trips before the park closed to late.

I have headed to the gare station from Marne La Vallée where my TGV had 10 minutes of delay but I was not in trouble or anxious about this. Around midnight I was at home.

Fun fact: I watched a lot of Christmas movies when I waited for the shows. It was related to waiting Christmas Disney shows. But in real, it’s so good to sit down outside in the cold with one hot cocoa, a view on the castle and watching a Christmas movie. It’s so good for the mind!


Well! It was an amazing trip! A good break in my flashbacks and anxiety!



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