Declutter before/after Christmas.

The Spring Cleaning is lot talk around the world… same if the peoples didn’t take the time for cleaning.

I think that cleaning is not special for spring season, three times/seasons by year are neccessary I think for keep a house clean/minimalist and not finish by to be over by all things.


One of these three times of the year, I think is before christmas or just after. Why? because at christmas we get a lot of gifts that we keep with all before things that we have already keep. A clean before add other things in home is necessary for me. A idea of declutter kids toys before christmas I think it’s good with the new toys they got have, the old should never use again.

I did a cleaning before christmas, I felt more quiet after.

Searching in papers, boxes, etc I searched all I could throw. That’s a cleaning before/after christmas.


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