Daily Routine FIGHT Depression

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I declare for fight depression, it is really necessary to have a routine and hours fix with things obligatory to do and add few little things who you make a good feelings.

I think, the best thing that I have found for manage my daily routine and to do things which can to be hard when you are in depression, it’s to cheers up of little things/stuffs that you love or that you give a good feeling with the hard things.


I’m a homeschool student, some you can believe that it’s more easy to planned a daily routine when you are at home BUT NOT in the contrary, it’s again more difficult, when you are at home you must create all day by hours daily routine and that can be very with difficulties and hard to follow every times, above all when you are depression or no motivation, it’s the chaos.

So, I’m, this is my homeschool routine.


8h30am – I put alarm clock for 8h30 every days in the week.

I follow by breakfast, sometimes I take it in kitchen, sometimes in living room or sometimes on sofa. I wake up always and eat my breakfast in my Pj’s with a softness night vest.

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I continue by get ready, dress on, hydrate my skin, etc.


9h30am – I start my HOMESCHOOL work, my homeschool work inclue my English formation or photography job. When I dress on, I put often sweet and comfort clothes for feel good and take good the day and that is give me again more wanted to work, warning! sweet and comfort clothes that does not mean jogging etc, but it’s clothes which I love for their colors, textures, forms etc.

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10h30am – I take a break of my homeschool work for – drink and eat a snack.

11h50am – I eat my lunch, in the same time, I watching some few parts of fun Tv Shows which I love for laugh time – like Malcolm in the middle or Friends (actually it’s Friends).


12h30pm – During 30 minutes, I work on the blog with or I write my post for the day or I write future posts. I sit in a comfort place for write and take a good time, cause in first this blog is for helps me and gives good.


01h30pm – I take a little free break time where I take a nap on my bed, baking, read, watching, coloring etc.

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02h00pm – I watching 2 episodes of 45 minutes of a Tv Show like 7th Heaven, Psych, Monk, One Tree Hill – why I do that? Well it’s a anti depression break, I go in bed and watch the Tv Show I want in function some time of the year and season, it’s for me necessary to take this break during the mid-afternoon for reach good the end of the day (actually it’s 7th heaven). WATCHING TIME.

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03h30pm – I eat something and drink.

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04h00pm – Ok – I work on the blog on my post of the day or later posts. My mom comes back from his work about 16h30 and try to nothing to do at this moment or I stop for get down see her, a little afterwards I’m come back in my room – or my continue to work on the blog or a free time for to do something I must or I want to do, I can to be go outside in a store with my parents.

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06h30pm – I do appear my post of the day on the blog.


07h00pm – It’s dinner time.

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07H45pm – I go take my shower, I prefer take her in the row of dinner or else my depression symptomes take the step on the routine and I can to have a lot of problem for take my shower after. I put a Pj’s a time that I love.

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08h30pm – It’s night time A COZY TIME with a movie 1 time by week, Tv Shows watching, read, internet search, or few little other things.

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10h30pm – I go to bed time in a comfort bed with favorite sheets, cushion, my blanket and my stuffed animal, YEH! because I have 20 and I sleep always with stuffed animal. I choose this hour because it is necessary which I fall asleep at max between 11h00 & 11h30 because if not I miss my first sleep phase and after I can do not sleep before 00h00 or 01h00am, and I need of a number hours of sleep if not the next day I’m not good, tired, bad, hard to eat, etc.


This is my routine, she adapted to me because I’m homeschooler but what or you work at home or may not, a daily routine is the minimum obligatory if you want recovery of depression, that’s to do not all but not have routine and stay in bed some which you want it’s not a best help for recovery, you have tips for a daily routine fight depression, I’m will happy to hear them, let in comments. Take care.





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