{My} Christmas WishList Gifts

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Hey! Today, I wanted to share my Christmas Wishlist.


There is lot of different things (hight tech, clothes, jewelry, book,…), a thing which do not change between all this gifts… it’s some things that I could use all long year.

1. Cashemere Pull-Over. I haven’t of Cashemere Pull-Over, I wanted at least one and I love this one.

2. Canon 6D Mark II. I have a Canon 1300D since 3 years, I need to change and to have a best DSLR.

3. Polar Photography Book. I love Photos Books, last year I had a United States Of America Photography Book, now I wanted a other again, because I love these books and they inspire me.

4. Blue Bracelet Pandora. I haven’t a lot of jewelry because I don’t like that, it two or three the last that I bought me, but I love this one, it’s a long time that I searched one like that.

5. DJI Spark. I want start to teach me and use drone.

6. Apple Mouse 2. I have a MacBook Air but just with the trackpad it’s hard to retouch the all photos correctly in PhotoShop, it’s just for that I want a Apple Mouse.

7. Palace Cinema Lego Creator Expert. I love Lego now like it was young and I wanted a very big to building and the cinema awesome I found.


These are my Christmas WishList.




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