Christmas 2017

This year, christmas was good, with all spirit, some loves and no disputes in the family relationship whether it is with my sister or parents.

IMG 9023 - Christmas 2017

It’s christmas eve and I loved on morning bake this Nutella Crescent Snowfalke, I loved to do it and it was so good.

IMG 9052 e1514480375135 - Christmas 2017

Christmas cat.

IMG 9042 - Christmas 2017

A Creamy hot chocolate on a christmas eve afternoon.

IMG 9054 e1514480448229 - Christmas 2017

During christmas eve dinner, I did not eat a lot, I ate just toasts with creamy salmon or cheese on bread.

IMG 9055 e1514480421627 - Christmas 2017

I ate also pieces of this cutie liver duck with bread.

IMG 9056 - Christmas 2017

Dessert with Chocolate-Banana log.

IMG 9061 e1514480408487 - Christmas 2017

The christmas gifts are always opened in my family on 24th.

IMG 9062 e1514480389194 - Christmas 2017

IMG 9068 - Christmas 2017

We all watched Home Alone in the night in my special christmas Pj’s night.

IMG 9071 e1514480433984 - Christmas 2017


Christmas day Welcome.

IMG 9090 - Christmas 2017

On morning, I watched christmas movie and building my christmas gift Lego.

IMG 9087 e1514480184721 - Christmas 2017

IMG 9088 e1514480154478 - Christmas 2017

My best little sweetness.

IMG 9084 e1514480358580 - Christmas 2017

Like on christmas eve dinner, on christmas lunch (and dinner), I ate just toasts but I LOVED so much what I eaten, salmon, cheese on pretzel bread.

IMG 9093 - Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas.

IMG 9096 - Christmas 2017

My grandmother was here, during my family finish eat their christmas meal, I played rubick’s cube.

IMG 9105 e1514480200214 - Christmas 2017

Dessert, Ice Raspberry log.

IMG 9106 - Christmas 2017

A good piece.

IMG 9109 - Christmas 2017

Creamy hot chocolate in afternoon during watching christmas beethoven’s adventure and Home Alone 2.

IMG 9111 e1514480313786 - Christmas 2017

The night.

IMG 9114 e1514480341732 - Christmas 2017

I finished the day with a christmas movie, christmas in wonderland.

IMG 9112 e1514480212243 - Christmas 2017

That’s wrap my Christmas Eve and Christmas days of 2017.

It was some good christmas days on this year.

I hope, you had also passed a good christmas eve and christmas day with your family, friends or peoples you love.


See you tomorrow.



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